Harrington Generators International Ltd ( HGI )


The supply of prime power and standby generators from 3kVA to 500kVA is the core of Harrington Generators International’s (HGI) business and has been so for over 30 years. From this core product range, HGI have worked closely with specific market sectors to create customized sets engineered  to meet the exacting standards of the Rail, Telecoms, Aviation, Defence & Security, Construction, Oil, Gas and Water industries. HGI have the ability to design, manufacture, test, install, service and reverse engineer engine driven generators from 3kVA to 1250kVA.

Canopied & Open Diesel Generators

The heart of HGI's design process resonates in every SKD and HRD model, representing the epitomy of research, development and innovation within the company. HGI's bespoke culture traditionally comes from the Silent Knight range; custom outputs, panels, speeds and engines. The most widely recognised of HGI brands is the HRD range of diesel generators, run from the 9kVA, to over 100kVA

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