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Harris Associates is a national company and are specialists in business growth. We do this by significantly improving the quality of tenders and helping you develop a long-term tendering strategy, aimed at growing your business and sustaining that growth.

About us

We work in a wide number of sectors, from Construction and Maintenance to Care, and even have experience in narrow sectors, such as Bailiff services and Enforcement. We have won Tenders to the value of £500 million.

About us



·    -  Bidding for Funding

·    -  Tender Writing

·    -  Complete Tender Management

·    -  Tender Searching

·    -  Tender Health Checking (for new clients)

·    -  Targeted Recruitment (to help sustain growth)

·    -  Growth and Business Planning

·    -  Referring Your Services to Third Parties


Win More Tenders

Here at Harris Associates (SW) Ltd, we have assisted many companies in "tendering for success". We do this by searching for opportunities, writing tender documents and completing PQQs (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires) with being competitive and being better than you peers in mind.

We aim to work seamlessly with you and enable you to grow your business by helping you win tenders.

If you need to check that your company is fit to compete we can do a Health Check and offer you advice on improvements required to make you stand out.

Win More Tenders

Bid Writing

We offer expert bid writing for a wide range of industries to give you the ideal tender to win business. Many people do not like tendering, but we do!

Leave it all to us and we will make the whole process pain free, with regular updates, leaving you to get on with your day to day business.

We will write bids and tenders for industries including:

  • Construction
  • Building
  • Response Repairs
  • Security and Guarding
  • Cleaning and Disposal
  • Telecommunications
  • Money Collection
  • Water Hygiene
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Undertaking
Bid Writing

Tender Management

If you are looking for a complete Tender Management service, then look no further. We offer tender management services to business owners and senior executives like you. Our managed approach gives you peace of mind. We send a weekly update spreadsheet to confirm the status of each tender as well as regular updates as and when they happen.

We use fast connection speeds for fast upload and down load and use a secure encrypted portal to allow you unique 24/7 access to your tender documents (using and a secure password)

Contact us for further information on any of our services.  

Tender Management
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