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Harrison Silverdale specialise in Brass Inserts, Threaded Inserts, Inserts for Wood, Composites, Alloys and Castings Industrial Fasteners, Self Clinch Sheet Metal Fasteners, Turned Parts and Plastic Fasteners, Thread Forming Screws and Spring Steel Clips

Harrison Silverdale was established in 1982 to offer a unique range of fastening solutions to all industries. Harrison Silverdale's Design Manufacture and supply capabilities have achieved ISO9000-2000 accreditation and the product supply is totally traceable. Click here to view our certificate of registration

Product Range and Capability

  • Brass Insert
  • Inserts for plastic
  • Inserts for wood
  • Inserts for composites
  • Inserts for castings
  • Screws for plastic
  • Sheet metal fasteners
  • Self clinch fasteners
  • Spring steel fasteners
  • Turned parts
  • Plastic fasteners

Specialised Products and Standards are available from stock, alternatively Bespoke Solutions are regularly provided as Turned Parts or Machined Products

Brass Inserts

Specialised Products and Standards are available from stock, alternatively Bespoke Solutions are regularly provided as Turned Parts or Machined Products. To request a sample please click here

Cage Nuts

CN Cage Nuts represent the traditional European metric size based products used for years in all aspects of European manufacturing. The greater variation on panel ranges has allowed these products to superceed the traditional UK sizes which were limited to only two panel ranges.They are totally interchangeable with the old standards but offer the designer greater choice of Hole Sizes and Panel thicknesses.

Harrison Silverdale provide a full range of Spring Steel Fasteners

  • Angle,Flat & Expansion Nuts
  • Cage Nuts
  • Edge Clips
  • Knob Clips
  • Push On Fixes and Caps
  • Spring Latches and Studs
  • U Nuts, J Nuts & Lock Nuts
  • Chimney Nuts

Cable Ties & Clips

Cable Ties are manufactured with smooth rounded edges for easy handling and safe installation. The bent, rounded tips provide easier pickup, installation and pull-up.

PCB Fasteners

The broaching action of PCB Fasteners during installation creates satisfactory retention in the board, the threaded studs allow assembly of components on to the board which are considered too heavy for solder retention only.

Turned Parts

Because of its huge range of standard products produced as turned parts Harrison~Silverdale Ltd are ideally placed to offer you bespoke solutions to your Turned Part & Machined Product requirements. We offer Brass Turned Parts, Stainless Steel Turned Parts, and Steel Turned Parts.

Sheet Metal Fasteners

Bushes are available in Steel self colour and plated or Stainless Steel and in some cases Brass and Aluminium subject to special order, provided the quantities are large enough to warrant material purchase and machine set up costs. Click here for Self Clinch Fasteners and Rivet Nuts and Studs

Threaded Inserts

Harrison Silverdale supply the following Threaded Inserts:

Thread Forming Screws

As well as Screws for Alloys and Castings, we also manufacture and supply Screws for Plastic and Screws for Thermoset. Our range of screws for plastic is becoming very popular for a cost effective but quality direct screw application. Our "Polyplast" range of screws with special thread profile offer up to 10 times reusability with our any loss in performance. We carry a wide range in stock with all head styles.

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