Harrison Testing Services and Laboratory


Harrison Group Environmental Limited runs an in-house soils and materials testing laboratory which offers a comprehensive range of geotechnical and materials testing services. It is operated through our Testing Services division.
The laboratory is based in Norwich and has recently undergone expansion. This has enabled us to increase the programme of testing services that are offered to our clients. In addition to this the laboratory holds UKAS accreditation, which has been in place since 2007.

 The range of services includes: -
• Classification tests
• Compaction test
• Strength tests
• Root identification
• Materials Testing
• Site quality control testing

The laboratory test equipment utilises the latest technology and is calibrated in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standards. Electronic data logging in conjunction with computerised analysis are an important part of the service that is offered in order to optimise accuracy. As a result of it’s operation through the Harrison Group, clients’ needs are made a priority and turnaround times for testing and issuing results are kept to a minimum.

A full range of chemical testing is also offered to clients including : -
• Metals - including trace metals
• TPH, PCB, PAH, pesticides and volatiles

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