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More than 50 years of personal experience in the fields of hydraulics, valves, hoses and technical rubber goods characterise the HAS philosophy. A wide range of high quality products and competent staff are entirely at the service of your individual problems, and you will see that we put customer focus into practise. This is already obvious from the fact that custom-made items, short and special lengths are just as self-evident for us as dispensing with a minimum order value. We also promise to process your request within 24 hours on working days as a rule. Our high quality standard is reflected not only by the fact that we can supply you with all commercially available elastomers, we also meet many other quality standards and approvals: LOBA, FDA, DVGW and BAM as well as approvals by MTU, Porsche, DB, OPEL or VW (to name but a few). You can see that we are serious when we talk about customer focus. Finding the optimum solution for your individual problem is at the heart of our work, and this includes providing detailed and competent advice from experienced staff. Fast, flexible and tailor-made. But what’s the point of talking so much - come see for yourself.

H.A.S. Armaturen und Schläuche Vertriebs-GmbH

Rubber hoses
Made on a mandrel at nominal sizes from 4 to 500 mm; delivery lengths of up to 40 m; in black and coloured versions; in all standard elastomers; with and without inserts / spirals; optionally with additional heat protection, in different connection versions (sleeves, rubber flanges, steel flanges, valves, etc.)

Plastic hoses
Made at nominal sizes from 4 to 600 mm; delivery lengths of up to 120 m; in coloured and clear-transparent versions; made of PE, PUR and PVC; with and without spiral inserts; optionally without couplings; for a wide variety of uses.

Special hoses
Elbows and special expansion joints; custom-made according to your needs and shape requirements; including as a single item production; in all standard elastomers, silicone, polyurethane (PUR); with and without inserts / spirals.

PU and silicone products
Made from moulded or extruded materials; available with metal connections; PU in casting, injection moulding or foaming process; in various colours; also with FDA approval.

Profiles in all standard polymers (NK, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM, FPM, TPE, PVC), foam rubber, silicone and silicone foam; in black or coloured versions; also self-adhesive or with metal insert; also deliverable assembled as rings and frames.

H.A.S. Armaturen und Schläuche Vertriebs-GmbH

H.A.S. Armaturen und Schläuche Vertriebs-GmbH

Valves, Storz couplings (LM, MS, VA, red bronze, steel); TW valves made of MS or VA; quick couplings (Perrot or Bauer); hose nozzle with loose / fixed flange, drilled according to DIN or ASA; transition pieces made of different materials, with optional half-shells; hose clamps in different designs and materials; custom designs on request.

Colours and marking
From the daily work with our customers, we know how important it can be for hoses to also meet different colour requirements. Whether this is because, for example, lines and connections are colour-separated in the chemical industry depending on material flow or because hoses should be attributable to certain uses at first glance. It is also conceivable that the promotional aspect of the corporate colour should be considered in a hose’s colour. We can meet such demands not only for plastic, but also for rubber products. As far as technically possible, we deliver your hose to suit your design requirements - in various colours and with your logo or other warnings and markings on request.

H.A.S. Armaturen und Schläuche Vertriebs-GmbH

H.A.S. Armaturen und Schläuche Vertriebs-GmbH

An example of this is the fire hose “Vulcanus”: as an example, below you can see our fire hose “Vulcanus” in use; and to give you an idea of the technical side too, here are the specifications: “Vulcanus” from the HAS range of rubber hoses is a fire hose, smooth on the inside, fabric-textured on the outside, with a rubber core and cover made of black self-extinguishing CR quality (of course LOBA-approved), electrically conductive, or in red Hypalon quality, both flame resistant up to + 800°C, with a completely embedded glass fibre fabric insert. It is available in nominal sizes from 10 to 1000 mm, in individual lengths of up to 40 m (wall thickness approx. 2mm). Both versions are marked with neutral green tape.

Hoses: Suction hose, dredging hoses, BE hoses, concrete conveying hoses, concrete silo hoses, bridge drainage hoses, steam hoses, flexible pipe connectors, sewage hoses, corrugated hoses, fire hose (Vulcanus), flange hoses, H-A-S conveying hose system, grain conveying hoses, granulate conveying hoses, slurry hoses, hot air compressor hoses, industrial suction hoses, manure pump hoses, cable protection conduits, elbows, sweeper hoses , expansion joints, radiator hoses, latrine hoses, foliage suction hoses, sleeves for pinch valves, machine hoses, dairy steam hoses, mortar delivery hoses, spiral hoses (in the works), vacuum cleaner hoses, grape suction hoses, cement silo hoses

Our product range:
• rubber items for technical uses
• chemical hoses rubber hoses
• special-purpose hoses and tubing
• spiral hoses
• fittings
• special fittings
• pinch valves
• hoses

H.A.S. Armaturen und Schläuche Vertriebs-GmbH
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