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HASCO technologies on the international market - indispensable for all areas of mould construction   Major extension to HASCO's range of flat steel

HASCO has significantly extended its flat steel range. The P5600 grade has been integrated into the higher-precision F range. Customers now have a choice of well over 3,000 available sizes. All dimensions are grouped together under one order number, enabling the required ready-to-use sizes to be found easily and quickly.

At this year's EUROMOLD in Frankfurt, HASCO, the leading manufacturer of standard mould units, will introduce industry representatives to a number of reliable and ingenious solutions for the following fields:

Quality steel
The range of available steel grades in the company's new and clearly organised range of flat rolled steel has recently been increased. New additions include the readily polishable case hardening steel 1.2162 and
the cold work steel 1.2363 with good through-hardening properties and high wear resistance. Also available as precision flat rolled steel is the pre-hardened grade 1.2099, which is noted above all for its corrosion
resistance and machinability.

The standard range of demoulding units is constantly being expanded. The extensive range with latch locking units, two-stage ejectors, transmission elements and collapsible cores for demoulding internal threads and undercuts offer the user a wide choice of individual solutions. At the trade show, HASCO will introduce its new modular slide system Z1800, which can be installed with absolute minimum of work.

will also show possibilities for system optimisation using laser-generated conformal cooling. Innovative diverting coupling units Z8052/…, Z8053/..., junction tubes for rotating cores Z963/… and modular-type extendable spiral cores Z9680/… complete the range. The hose range has also been increased by a number of new models that can be supplied from stock or produced, complete with coupling, according to the customer's specifications. A special mention should be made of the new safety couplings Z80700/…, which prevent unintentional unlocking.

Hot runner technology
In the hot runner segment, HASCO will highlight needle valve solutions like the universal needle valve Z10710/... and the needle valve nozzle Z3145/... as a complete solution for the multi-cavity packaging and closures segment. Value Shot Z202/… has a particularly wide range of application, while the Techni Shot Z33/… nozzle range leave nothing to be desired when it comes to high-performance engineering plastics.

HASCO offers its international customers not only high-quality components, reliability and just-in-time delivery, but also provides technical support from the initial design of the mould through to project management.
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