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surface technology, surface engineering, decorative surface, frames, electroless nickel plating, nickel plate, surface protection, corrosion protection, rust protection, electroplating shop, galvanic bath, galvanic equipment

- Surface coating (chromate free)
- Bright chrome plating
- Metal coating services
- Bright nickel plating
- Surface engineering consulting
- Surface engineering
- Tin plating services
- Electrogalvanizing services
- Silver plating services
- Nickel plating, chemical

HATTLER & Sohn GmbH Metallveredlung

Over the following pages, we would like to tell you a bit about who we are, how we work and some other interesting facts about ourselves. HATTLER & Sohn GmbH, or HATTLER, is first and foremost in the business of finishing metal surfaces. Electroplating processes are primarily used, but there are also other, often specialised processes that we carry out as well. Surfaces are our great passion. We process customer orders at our factory in Villingen-Schwenningen, and have been doing so for 90 years. Naturally, over such a long timespan, we have encountered a huge variety of challenges. Overcoming these challenges takes effort, but the reward is the satisfaction and happiness of a job well done. That's why we're pleased to continue receiving exciting surface work going forward as well.

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