Haven Conveyors & Handling Systems Ltd

  1. Ball Tables/Ball Transfer Units

    Ball Tables/Ball Transfer Units

    Omni-directional load bearing spherical balls are mounted in a frame which are used to turn a product 360 degrees for production purposes to join 2, 3 or 4 lines of conveyor together.
  2. Belt Bends

    Belt Bends

    Used to handle products around a bend when rollers are unsuitable, clothing, sacks, delicate items etc.
  3. Belt Elevators

    Belt Elevators

    Used for Granular, bulk material, components to be elevated to other levels, hoppers, skips etc.Constructed generally as the previous 3 types with drive at discharge end only. Belting fitted with crossflights to carry material. Set at any angle between 20 and 70 degrees to the horizontal.
  4. Belting


    A wide range of PVC and rubber belting can be supplied from stock or on short delivery times. These include smooth and grip top belting, flighted and chevron belting, neoprene and oil resistant type belting and food quality belting. We also supply various types of steel piano hinge belting and wire mesh complete with side chains if required.
  5. Belt Under Roller Conveyor

    Belt Under Roller Conveyor

    These can be used for loading and unloading vehicle/containers in temporary or mobile situations. Straight line only, horizontal or declined in roller or skatewheel form.
  6. Chain Conveyors

    Chain Conveyors

    Used for pallets, packs of timber, steel sections etc. Steel chains run on guides. The product sits directly on the chains. Similar in construction to 90 degree chain transfers. Usually horizontal chains.
  7. Chain Conveyor System

    Chain Conveyor System

    Used to unload pallets from vehicles and containers and for temporary or mobile situations.
  8. Chevron Belt Conveyors

    Chevron Belt Conveyors

    Chevron belting is used on conveyors to convey loose materials on inclines of between 20 and 40 degree angles so as to stop fall back
  9. Door manufacture systems

    Door manufacture systems

    We supply a range of special purpose conveyors and conveyor systems. Please visit our website or contact us for more details
  10. Drums and Pulleys

    Drums and Pulleys

    Mild steel, stainless steel or plastic/nylon tubes with fixed shafts to be mounted in out rigger bearings. Can be used as heavy duty gravity or powered rollers and as belt conveyor pulleys.