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Here at HMT we have over 100 years experience specialising in Tool making and Plastic Injection Moulding. Producing Mould Tools, Prototypes, blow moulds & components to all sectors of the industry, including the medical, automotive and defence industry. We thrive on even the most complicated tricky jobs, where others would struggle. Our in house facilities are capable of manufacturing and producing plastic mouldings from 0.1 gram up to 3kg. We have invested over £1 million pounds on equipment for the Tool-room and Mould shop in the last 3 years. This means we use the most up to date, state of the equipment available. With three CAD/CAM seats linked to our high speed 3D milling machines and CNC spark erosion centres machining tolerances of 0.01mm are easily achievable.

All this enables us to produce a Tool and Sample it in less than 1 week!

HMT is ideally located near Cambridge on the Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgshire border

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Plastic Moulding

HMT provide injection moulding and tooling for a variety of industries and products. We manufacture plastic injection mould items from 0.1gr to 3.5kg in weight on moulding machines with a capacity ranging from 20-440 tonnes. Our mould shop runs a fully integrated management system.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Haverhill Mould and Tooling (HMT) provide injection moulding and tool making for a wide range of Industries. These include Automotive, Optical, Medical, Packaging, Retail, POP.

With Plastic Injection and Tool Making facilities on one, site we are able to make Tooling repairs or modifications to tools quickly and accurately, getting production up and running with minimal downtime. Tools can be single impression or multi cavitie with simple or shaped split lines. Seven of our twelve strong workforce are fully skilled Toolmakers, we can therefore offer a superior service.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Blow Moulding

Blow Moulding is used for the production of hollow objects that can be produced in large quantities. The process is ideal for both small and large mouthed containers. This process enables the production of fully finished products with no flash.
At HMT we can offer some of the most advanced facilities, with the ability to mould virtually any product in any quantity.

Blow Moulding


HMT have in-house experienced tooling engineers and produce precision machined tools from a variety of steels and aluminium alloys. Our tools are produced using our state of the art CAD 3D design software. We can produce pre-production tools for small production runs or a high quality full production tool for production runs of millions.

Die Cast Tooling

Die casting is a versatile process for producing engineered metal parts by forcing metal under high pressure into steel moulds. These moulds are called dies and can be designed to produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Parts can be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces.HMT can provide die cast products in a variety of sizes, shapes and wall thickness, that are strong, durable and dimensionally precise.
Die castings can provide integral fastening elements, such as bosses and studs. Holes can be made to tap drill sizes or external treads can be cast.

Die Cast Tooling

Press Tools

Haverhill Mould and Tooling can supply pressed parts from single stage or multi-stage Tooling. This is where HMT began! We use the state of the art design and machining software to ensure your tool is of the highest quality and will perform as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Hmt uses the best wire and spark erosion machinery giving the highest accuracy possible. We can provide you with prototype parts, example products and 3D rendered images of the final product which you can show to backers or use for marketing purposes.
Our press tool machines can work with hard metals as well as soft, so once we have created and approved your design we can make it for you, keeping the entire production process under one roof. This makes modifications or alterations easy and also allows us to repair damaged or broken press tools in days / hours rather than weeks.

Press Tools


Whether you have nothing more than an idea and require a professionally produced working design or need a design reworked to overcome problems or update a design our CAD 3D software along with our expert designs can meet your needs.

Having a good design can save time, resources and consequently money during the manufacturing process and improving the quality of your product.

HMT offers a full in house design, tool making, production and assembly service.

Finishing Process

 On average we are able to finish a plastic injection mould tool in a quarter or a third of the time it would take our competitors because our software allows us to cut with greater precision. We can stipulate to a smoother finish which utilises a system which saves on polishing and reduces finishing time, but does not compromise on the finish. We have reduced polishing time from 4 days to one day.Many of our customers require tolerances of hundredths or thousandths of a millimetre and for this a pristine surface is essential. In particular, for items such as the reflective surfaces on vehicle light cluster covers, surfaces must be smooth and exact. We have facilities to leave these polished or etched for a matt finish.

Finishing Process

Prototype Tooling

We offer a full prototyping service and use the latest technologies to manufacture prototypes. HMT’s rapid prototype tooling service is a low cost, low volume and fast alternative to a full tool making option. It will allow you to test your product design in as little as 1 day. We are able to provide 3D images along with animations from our CAD data which can be used for marketing purposes. Prototyping enables cheap and quick modification to the tooling if needed. Quality, low volume proto-tooling can produce 1 part or a few 1000 in a vast array of different materials. Aluminum is used for small quantities of medium to large components and P20 for intricate or higher volume parts.

Prototype Tooling


As well as producing component kits for assembly our skilled staff can assemble items on site. With years of experience in the industry we are experts at handling plastic components of any shape, size or level of durability.Assembly Advice
At the design and prototype stage we can advice you on the best method of assembly, the appropriate materials to use and the most cost effective method of production to ensure the components deliver the results you want, in the time you want.

Clean Room Facility

Our clean room is a closed environment used for the moulding, production and assembly of specialist components. With the clean rooms re-circulating air and filters any dirt and dust particles are removed, ensuring a ‘clean’ environment for the assembly of your products. Our clean room is maintained and monitored by our specialist clean room technicians.

Assembly Service

When your components have been produced, we can ensure they are put together with minimum spoilage. When complete we carefully pack finished items and have them delivered to your door. If your premises do not have the capacity to store finished items we are able to offer some storage facility on site.
We can accommodate the specific needs of all our customers, providing a complete project management service from design to assembly and delivery

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