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Hawk Marine

Hawk Marine, incorporated in UK with the businesses that contract with clients to locate and secure various types of resources that are demanded by the client. We are structured to find, qualify, and procure specific types of resources, such as materials and equipment for marine and offshore companies or provide services that make it possible to locate and secure any type of items needed by the customer. We establish long-term relationships with clients, accepting multiple assignments on an ongoing basis, or contract to accept a single assignment from a client. The process of procuring the necessary resources may require very little time and effort, or may take months to accomplish, depending on the client’s circumstances.

Weather Monitoring

Weather Stations

110-WS-16 Modular Weather Station

10-WS-16 Modular Weather Station

110-WS-18 Portable Weather Station

110-WS-18 Portable Weather Station

110-WS-16SML Display Software

110-WS-16STR Graphical Display Software

110-WS-16SMM Met Manager Software

Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station

Kestrel 3000 & 4000 Pocket Weather Meters

Data Acquisition

195-WS-16 Data Logger

195-WS-16 Data Logger

195-WS-16AD Automatic Voice Dialers

140-400 Spread Spectrum Radio

195-26800 Meteorological Display

Signal Conditioning

130-200 Series Signal Conditioners

135-100 Series Signal Conditioning Translator Boards

135-104 General Purpose Translator Board

Analog & Digital Displays

Analog Displays

Digital Displays

Upper Air

Meteorological Balloons

400-2090 Sight Clinometer

400-2095 Ceiling Light Projector


400-SVS1 Sentry Visibility Sensor

400-6000 Visibility Sensor

400-CBME40/80 Cloud Ceilometer

Lightning Detection

410-SKYSCAN Hand-Held Lightning Detector

Weather Detection

WeatherPort General Purpose Wind Sensors

WeatherPort High Sensitivity Wind Sensors

NovaVane Wind Speed & Direction Sensors

200-2218 Analog Indication Wind System

200-05103 Wind Monitor

200-05305 Wind Monitor - Air Quality

200-27005 Gill UVW Anemometer

200-06201 Wind Tracker Display

200-03002 Wind Sentry

200-81000 Ultrasonic Anemometer

200-85000 Ultrasonic Anemometer

200-7000 WindSonic Ultrasonic Anemometer

200-1390 WindObserver II Ultrasonic Anemometer

200-101908 Current Loop Wind Sensors

200-102083 Wind Mark III Wind Sensors

200-2020 Micro Response Wind Sensors

200-2030 Micro Response Wind Sensors

200-WS-21-A Dual Set Point Wind Alarm

200-WS-23 Current Loop Wind Sensor

200-455 Totalizing Anemometer with 10-Min Timer

200-WS-25 Wind Logger with Real-Time Display

200-2520 Wind Meter

200-2530 Wind Speed Indicator

200-960 Handheld Anemometer

Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter

La Crosse EA-3010U Anemometer

Calibration Accessories

Calibration Accessories

Wind Direction Calibrators

Wind Speed Calibrators

200-2620 Wind Sock

200-2510-A 260-2511-A Totalizing Anemometer

Water Quality

270-WQ Water Quality Sensors

270-WQ Water Quality Sensors

Water Level & Flow

280-FP Flow Probes

280-330 Submersible Pressure Transducer

280-IRU-9400 Ultrasonic Sensor

Towers & Lightning Protection

Tripod Towers

Aluminum Towers

Mounting Hardware & Accessories

Tower Lightning Protection

Sensor Line Lightning Protection

Power Supplies

310-120 Series Rechargeable Batteries

Group 310 AC Power Supplies

Group 320 Solar Panel Battery Chargers

Pens, Ink, Clocks, & Charts

Pens and Ink

Replacement Clocks

Chart Paper



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Temperature & Humidity 73

225-5020-A Hygrothermograph

220-730 Dial Hygrometer

225-930 Dial ThermoHygrometer

210-4410 Standard Thermometer

210-4420 Min-Max Thermometer Set

225-520 Pocket Sling Psychrometer

225-570 Sling Psychrometer

225-564 Fan Psychrometer

225-566 Battery Psychrometer

225-5230 Assmann Psychrometer

225-569 Pocket Psychrometric Slide Rule

225-HMP60 Humidity/Temp

225-HMP155 Humidity/Temp

210-4470 & 210-4480 Temperature Sensors

210-201, 210-301, & 201-600 Temperature Sensors

210-TP1 Temperature Sensor

210-WE700 Temperature Sensor

225-THT-1 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

210-41342 Temp & 225-41382 T/RH

225-42603 Temp Tracker

210-5320 Series Dew Cell

Fuel Moisture Sticks & Scale

250-124 Soil Moisture Sensor

210-421-A General Purpose Temperature Alarm

210-EC Series Frost Alarms

225-HM34 Relative Humidity & Temperature Indicator

225-RH520A RH/Temp Digital Chart Recorder

225-445703 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer

380-280 Radiation Shield

380-281 Radiation Shield

380-41003 Radiation Shield

380-43408 Radiation Shield

380-43502 Radiation Shield

380-600 Thermometer Shelter

380-601 Small Instrument Shelter

380-605 Large Instrument Shelter

220-HMK15 Humidity Calibrator

220-HMK41 Calibration Kit

Barometric Pressure

230-P111 Dial Barometer

230-600 Series Barometric Pressure Sensors

230-PTB110 Series Analog Barometers

230-278 Barometric Pressure Transducer

230-276 Barometric Pressure Sensor

110-WS-16BP Barometric Pressure Sensor

230-WE100 Barometric Pressure Sensor

230-M202 Handheld Barometer-Altimeter

230-044 Handheld Barometer-Altimeter-Compass

Solar Radiation

240-8101 Star Pyranometer

240-152 Shadow Band

240-200SZ Silicon Pyranometer

240-120 SP-Lite Silicon Pyranometer

240-140 & 240-150 Silicon Cell Pyranometer

240-6450 Solar Radiation Sensor

240-CMP3 Pyranometer

240-8104 Albedometer

240-8111 Pyrradiometer

240-8110 Net Radiometer

240-100 Net Radiometer

240-110 NR-Lite Net Radiometer

240-CUV4 Broadband UV Radiometer

240-1070 Sunshine Recorder

240-CSD3 Sunshine Duration Sensor


260-2500 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

260-2501-A Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

260-2505 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

260-52202 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

260-7852 Rain Collector

260-2530 Fence Post Rain Gauge

260-2531 Plastic Rain Gauge

260-2510 NWS Type Rain Gauge

260-2520 Forestry Rain Gauge

260-700 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor

260-2590 Precipitation Detector 137

260-2591 Leaf Wetness Sensor

260-2101 Rain Logger

260-2102 Rain Logger

260-952 Rain Gauge Wind Screen

260-950 Mounting Plate

260-2595 Rain Gauge Calibrator

260-2696 Digital Event Counter

260-2597 Pocket Counter

Evaporation 143

Group 255 Evaporation Stations

255-212 Min-Max Thermometer

255-200 Evaporation Pan

255-100 Analog Output Evaporation Gauge

255-110 Evaporation Gauge Tester

255-620-A Automatic Refill System

255-704-A Evaporation Logger

255-250 Evaporation Pan Platform

Crnae Spare Parts

Acta crane parts Liebherr crane parts
Aker crane parts Link Belt crane parts
Amclyde crane parts Manitex crane parts
American Aero crane parts Mape crane parts
Baker Marine crane parts Melcal crane parts
BLM Brissoneau & Lotz Marine parts National crane parts
Bucyrus Erie crane parts Nautilus crane parts
EBI crane parts Norlift crane parts
Effer crane parts Normar crane parts
Favelle Favco crane parts OS crane parts
Fukushima crane parts SCM crane parts
Hercules crane parts Seahorse crane parts
Houston Systems crane parts Seaking crane parts
Hydralift crane parts Seatrax crane parts
Kenz crane parts Unit Mariner UMC crane parts
Le Tourneau crane parts Weatherford crane parts

Engine Spare Parts

197A Worsley Bridge Road
Beckenham, Kent


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Cylinder Heads
Crankshafts and Crankshaft Seals
Seals and Gaskets
Piston & Piston Rings
Connecting Rods

Spark Plugs
Fuel Injectors
Gear Train
Vibration Dampers

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