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Here at Hawkes Technical, we have many years experience in cutting solutions and pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations by working to high standards and provide you with value for money. We use the latest technology in cutting press systems focusing on large area kiss-cutting, automation and fully tailored systems to reduce ongoing conversion costs in manufacturing.

We provide both new and used cutting systems including cutting presses, swing beam presses, travelling head presses, and high speed kiss-cutting systems to name a few.

Die Cutting Machines

We stock an extensive range of die cutting machines both new and used. Our die cutting machines can be supplied together with fully tailored systems to meet your production requirements.

Swing Beam Presses

Our versatile swing beam presses are highly effective at cutting single or multi shapes from materials, both single or multi layer. The process involves placing the material and tool under the head of the swing beam press, the operator presses two push buttons to bring the cutting head down under force to cut out the shape.

Travelling Head Presses

Our travelling head presses are the next step up from the swing beam press for cutting single or multi shapes from material in single or multi-layer rolls or sheets. The method involves the material and tool are placed under the head of the travelling head presses, the operator presses two push buttons to bring the cutting head down under force to cut out the shape.

Beam Presses

Our advanced beam presses come in a variety of different feed systems and include manual and automatic operation feed systems. Our innovative beam presses are suitable for high and low volume production for cutting both roll and sheet materials, both single or multi layered.

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