Haworth Castings Ltd.

Haworth Castings of Romsey
At Haworth Castings we produce high integrity castings including:

- high specification components for aerospace applications
- pressure tight castings
- safety critical castings
- mid volume production castings for the automotive industry
- fluid coupling castings
- all manner of non-standard and intricate castings for every industry that uses cast components.

Quality of Material and Process
With casting integrity always our number one priority, we work to the same high and exacting standard whatever the final application of the casting. You, our customers, define the precise physical requirements and the degree of finishing, testing and certification needed.

We have an experienced and dedicated workforce, that is supported by a company with a commitment to invest in and embrace new technology ensuring our foundry plant and equipment remains state of the art. The result is we have both the people and the facilities to tackle and solve the engineering challenges presented by difficult, demanding castings.

When casting more standard components, we continue to maintain the highest standards of material integrity, combined with unbeatable price and reliability of quality and supply.
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