Hazard Safety Products Ltd


Hazard offer a complete design and build service for traffic management and safety applications. Specialising in products manufactured out of solid rubber, GRP or steel fabrication, Hazard has an innovative range of products to suit most safety applications. These include One Way Traffic Control Plates, Electronic Parking Deterrents, Wall Protection Buffers, Roof Edge Barriers, Handrail and traffic signs to name but a few.

The range of Speed Ramps available include SpeedStopper, an extruded cut to size ramp, to modular systems in various widths. The Speed Ramp range suits any application. Combined with Dragon's Teeth, Hazard's unique one way flap system, and traffic signs - road safety and control around your site is covered.

A bespoke design and installation service is available on all our products, including our KerbStopper floor buffer, crash barrier and handrail product range.

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