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Whatever your application, mobile or stationary, on a test cell or under extreme environmental conditions, we have the correct measurement data acquisition system to meet your requirements. You will benefit from our unique "made by HBM" precision and reliability while enjoying the best possible price-to-performance ratio. Whether your requirement is for a universal data acquisition system, high-speed system, rugged or USB data acquisition modules, we have it covered. 

Transducers and Sensors

We provide an assortment of transducers and sensors including transducers for force, load, torque, pressure, displacement and strain as well as developing and manufacturing bespoke transducers to meet your requirements.

At the centre of transducer identification is the TEDS module. They are incorporated into the housings, cables or connectors of a variety of transducers. It features an electronic data sheet to let you set up the measuring amplifier automatically.


Strain Gauges and Accessories

Our collection of strain gauges includes of an impressive assortment suitable for a variety of applications, from experimental stress analysis, durability testing through transducer manufacturing. You will benefit from the many new advantages of measuring with light. You can do this without having to abandon the ruggedness and convenience of the classical strain gauge by using HBM's optical strain gauges

Additionally, HBM provides you with all the necessary accessories and components for the installation of your strain gauge.

Load Cells and Weighing Modules

We supply the perfect load cells for your application. We are the technology leader in weighing technology. Our load cell collection includes beam load cells, ring torsion load cells, single point load cells, digital load cells, canister load cells, as well as weighing modules and accessories.

Industrial Amplifiers

We provide a multitude of digital and analogue amplifiers suitable for industrial process control applications. Our industrial amplifiers are suitable for the monitoring and optimization of manufacturing and assembly processes including press-fitting, clinching and riveting.

Our range includes the digiCLIP, the modular measurement system for industrial environments; the MP85A-S Easyswitch, highly efficient testing of switches and locking systems; and the PACEline CMD600, (digital) charge amplifier, the all-rounder from the PACEline product family.

Weighing Indicators / Load Indicators

We provide innovative load indicators and (digital) weighing indicators for industrial platform scales, truck and container scales. We also offer outstanding electronic systems for process automation such as for checkweigher and dosing process.

Our new products include the DIS2116, the digital weighing system that enables your truck scales to comply with the latest requirements regarding security and efficiency. We also have the WE2107, the modern weighing indicator for dynamic and static applications.


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