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HBS – pad and nut welding

HBS presents MARC, a pad and nut welding system which is more and more replacing traditional processes all over the world due to the innovative procedure with a magnetic rotating ARC.

HBS – capacitor discharge stud welding with tip ignition

HBS capacitor discharge power units provide outstanding reductions in costs and time. Every weld is precise, avoiding any need for costly machining. The recipe for success: Extremely short welding time! (1 to 3 msec). No additional welding products are needed.

HBS delivers a wide range of semi and fully automated CNC stud welding machines: semi-automatic systems/fully automated stud welding machines, stud welding units, stud welding heads, stud welding guns, stud feeding, automatic accessories, pneumatic clamps

Applications: pad and stud welding, MARC pad and nut welding with magnetic rotating arc, capacitor discharge stud welding

Arc ignition: arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule or shielding gas SC Short cycle, drawn arc stud welding ISO Fastening systems for insulation

Our products:
• Fastening equipment
• Stud welding services
• Stud welding equipment
• CNC Stud welding systems
• Threaded bolts
• Inverter-type welding equipment
• Welding equipment for threaded bushes
• Welding studs
• Welding pins
• Special machines for welding

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