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HC Coils Ltd are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Heat Exchanger Coils, Dry Air CoolersAir Blast Radiators, Air Cooled Condensers and Forced Air Evaporators for Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heat Recovery and Process Cooling industries. We offer a wide range of standard products which will fit most applications but our flexible approach enables us to design bespoke equipment to suit your requirements.


At HC Coils Ltd we manufacture  Coils of any size for cooling, heating and heat recovery. We use 1/2" or 5/8" copper tubing to make the coils. At HC Coils we offer the choice of having aluminium or copper fins as well as the choice of  stainless steel or galvanized castings for your coils.

We use advanced software to ensure we select the correct coils for your cooling, heating or heat recovery requirements. We aim to provide the quickest possible delivery and achieve this by using our advanced software to create a production drawing and a customer arrangement drawing in one operation.

Dry Air Coolers - Air Blast Radiators

Whether you require cooling for: furnace equipment, water, injection moulding machines, CHP engines, to name just a few, we have a variety of units which could suit your noise and budget requirements.

For cooling water we offer a Adiabatic Cooling system which cools to 6°C of ambient wet bulb. Water can be used to increase the cooling when the ambient dry bulb is 3°C above the design bulb. This unit can act as a conventional Dry Air Cooler for the majority of the year.

For many of our Dry Air Coolers/ Air Blast Radiators energy-saving cooling is possible for most of the year.

Free Cooling

FREE COOLING for water cooling applications is achievable for most of the year for many applications using Dry Air Coolers. The Dry Air Cooler is arranged in series with the refrigeration water chiller,. As the return water is pre cooled by the Dry Air Cooler the load on chiller and power consumption is reduced. Energy savings are immediate when the ambient is 1° C below the return water temperature to the chiller and increase as the ambient reduces to a point where 100 % FREE COOLING is achieved by the Dry Air Cooler

Wetted Surface - Adiabatic Coolers

Wetted surface – Adiabatic Cooling enables water to be cooled to within 6 °C of ambient wet bulb, water is used to increase the cooling effect when the ambient dry bulb is 3°C above the design wet bulb – for most of the year the unit operates as a conventional Dry Air Cooler.

Air Cooled Condensers

We can supply a variety of Air Cooled Condensers. Our Air Cooled Condensers have capacities from 10 - 1100 KW. We also offer the choice of a Vertical Coil or Flat Bed Horizontal Coil.

At HC Coils Ltd we also offer the option to have a V and W Configuration with fan speeds of 930 - 360 RPM or Centrifugal Fan Units.

Our Air Cooled Condensers can be supplied with housings for mounting compressor packs, base frames and liquid receivers.

With all these options we are sure to have an Air Cooled Condenser to meet your specific needs.

Control Panels

We can produce Control Panels to alter fan cycles or inverter fan speed capacity for Dry Air Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers.

The ability to control inverter fan speed capacity provides the advantage of having lower energy consumption and reduced noise levels. This is ideal for night operations and areas where noise is restricted.


Evaporators are typically used for Fruit Ripening applications, Blast Chilling, the Storage of Fresh Produce and Food Processing.

We offer Evaporators that can be ceiling mounted, with a single or dual discharge. We also manufacture Forced Air Coolers that can be Floor Mounted with a vertical discharge.

Site Services

We offer these key Site Services to all our customers whether they require replacement or repair.

The Site Services we offer include the replacement or repair of coils, the supply of replacement coils to their original pattern and the re-manufacture of original equipment.

Our site service provides information and advice in order to deliver the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

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