Heading Power Ltd


Heading Power Ltd stocks a wide selection of computer power supplies from a range of different manufacturers like Seventeam, FSP Group and Synocean STC. Whatever specific output or adaptor you may require, we can help. All of our computer power supplies are not only high quality and reliable but also competitively priced. Customers can visit the website to see all of the products we have to offer in full, including technical details and pricing. It is worth noting, if you cannot find the specific product that your require, please contact us directly and we can help you further. 

Power and Electrical

Heading Power Limited can provide a wide range of power and electrical products. Just some of the products we have to offer include, batteries, power supplies, power distribution units, cables, accessories and much more. Our product range is extensive and includes components from many different manufacturers eg Brennenstuhl. Customers can visit the website to view all of our power and electrical range in full, including further information on each individual product. 


Lighting and LED Lights

Heading Power Limited has an expanding range of lighting that includes both indoor and outdoor products. Just some of the products we can offer include flood lights, party and disco lighting, halogen lights, accessories and many more. We also stock a selection of LED torches which offer a bright and incandescent light. As well as being lightweight and portable, our LED torches can be used for many different applications and are therefore ideal for use within the home. For more information about any of our lighting products, please visit the website. 


Power over Ethernet

We stock a wide selection of Power Over Ethernet (POE) products including midspans, injection splitters, network hubs, converters, repeaters, access points, adaptors and many more. All of our POE products have been sourced from reputable manufacturers Phihong, PowerDsine, Level1 and offer exceptional value for money. If you would like to view our range in full, don't hesitate to visit the website for further information such as technical details and pricing. We also have a dedicated website for UK Phihong customers at www.phihong.co.uk and a new homeware site at www.heading2home.com 


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