Electric radiators are a more efficient, stylish, more flexible and easily installed alternative to storage heaters. They are also worth considering for your heating needs instead of using oil or LPG gas, or where it would be costly to have gas mains installed Click here to see the full range

Electric radiators require no wiring and no ugly pipework, just an ordinary plug socket. Once the radiator is mounted on the wall (using brackets) and plugged in, heat is produced almost immediately, reaching an optimum temperature within just 10 minutes.

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Electrified radiators have the following advantages:

They can be set at controlled temperatures to suit environments such as children’s play areas, old peoples homes, schools, and environmentally sensitive areas such as museums, historical properties, storage facilities etc..

Aluminium radiators can be up to 26% cheaper to run as they use less water and are therefore ECO friendly. Electric Radiators can be changed individually without draining down a system.

Heatec Radiators Ltd. offers the trade aluminium, tubular and cast iron radiators for both Electric and System installation at competitive prices. Please contact 0191 487 8103 for catalogue and price list. Heatec and Solutionz are registered trade marks.

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