Heating Equipment Ltd (TPFay)


For over 55 years Heating Equipment Ltd designed and manufactured Rosamon immersion heaters to customers particular requirements and during this time, heaters which were once special have become standard products.

Throughout this period the Rosamon brand has earned an unparalleled reputation for quality and reliability. T P Fay (Kirkby) Ltd acquired Heating Equipment Ltd. in 2004, they have been designing and manufacturing other heating elements since 1976. Today we have over 85 years combined experience

We manufacture immersion heaters mounted on flange plates of varying dimensions and screwed bosses from  to 2 BSP. The maximum Immersed length is 2950mm. The elements are made in Incoloy and most are finished with a polished oxide free surface. Thermostatic control across a wide range of temperature is available together with automatic or had re-set cut-outs.

If you have a requirement to heat liquid in a suitably controlled way then talk to us.

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