At Helifix, we are a technically led company with an on-going product development programme backed by thorough independent testing. We created the original one-piece stainless steel helical fixing nearly 30 years ago and became the market leader in the design of specialist helical wall ties, structural fixings and masonry repair systems. We manufacture sustainable structural solutions at our own UK factory.

Our sustainable structural solutions are extremely versatile and have wide ranging applications from repairing crack masonry to stabilising bowed walls. We are able to provide rapid, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to virtually all commonly occurring structural faults. Furthermore we do this in a sympathetic and non-disruptive manner that leaves the structure visually unaltered but fully stabilised.

Remedial Products

Our remedial products are extremely versatile and have wide ranging applications from repairing crack masonry to stabilising bowed walls. Our remedial products include:

  • DryFix – dry mechanical pinning and remedial tying system
  • CemTie – versatile grouted tie for stabilising all forms of solid masonry
  • BowTie – for restraining bowed walls
  • HeliBar – variety of remedial and new build applications
  • HeliBond – injectable, cementitious grout
Remedial Products

New Build Products

We supply a variety of new build products that are simple, yet highly effective, one piece products designed to be rapidly installed to provide a secure and lasting connection. Our new build products include:

  • InSkew - a high performance timber fixing for pitched warm roof construction
  • TimTie - used for securing masonry to timber 
  • StarTie - for extending or securing a new leaf to an existing brick, stone or concrete wall.
New Build Products

Masonry Arch Bridge Repairs

We provide turnkey packages that include computer analysis, schematic designs and the concealed cost-effective repair of all structural faults together with the necessary reinforcement. We provide masonry arch bridge repairs to allow you upgrade bridges and enable them to meet modern load bearing requirements.

Our masonry arch bridge repairs use innovative concealed systems to both repair and enhance bridges without affecting their appearance and causing minimal inconvenience to the public or disruption to road and rail traffic.

Masonry Arch Bridge Repairs

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