Helios Developments Sourcing Ltd


Helios Developments Ltd., founded in 1994, is a multinational company that enables customers to reach a competitive advantage and maximize profitability by souring and importing from China. Our main proficiency is in souring suppliers, factories and products in China, and our aim is to provide industrial, commercial and private entities with international trade services.

We have accumulated rich experience, and posses the tools and know-how which is imperative in conducting direct trade with suppliers and factories in China. We have established a network of five offices in the main business hubs of China. All of these offices in China are operated by Helios itself with very capable veteran English speaking office managers and a committed Chinese staff to ensure the best and most trustworthy service.

The company has gathered an extensive database which includes information about hundreds of factories, businesses, companies, suppliers, manufacturers,and thousands of China made products. 

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