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At Henderson Fabrications our aim is to find a faster, more productive, and imaginative solution, whatever your sheet metalwork requirement.

We are totally committed to putting our customer’s needs first, our leading edge technology enables us to meet the toughest challenge, whilst keeping within your budget.

After an initial consultation, we will work with you to design and engineer a solution that translates promise into production, with total reliability.

Work in partnership with Henderson Fabrications and you'll find we are an approachable, friendly, flexible company who genuinely cares.

Metal Fabricators Northamptonshire

A fast growing client base includes customers throughout the electronics, machinery, communications, computer, security and music industries, and all requiring precision and fine limit sheet metalwork for a diversity of applications

As well as manufacture and production, we also offer a prototype and design facility, geared up to small and large batch work.

Once again, we aim to work in partnership with you, discussing your ideas and potential solutions, and providing fast turnaround
in some cases just a few hours!

We welcome prototype enquiries as a vitally important area of our business, from our experience this facility can quite often lead
to large batch quantities.


Our drawing software has full 3D capability as we realise that this is a vital tool for successful product design.

This enables us to help you to design better products faster, and at lower cost.

We can accept all different types of files that you may already have developed, and we are just as adapt at sitting down and drawing something up from a sketch or even verbal instruction.

CNC Laser Cutting

Our Amada Laser Cutter offers the ability to profile parts from 0.3mm-12mm thick mild steel, up to 8mm thick stainless steel and 4mm thick Aluminium to any shape or size.

It is an extremely fast and accurate machine capable of handling sheets of up to 3000mm x 1500mm in size.

Although this machine is predominantly being used for mainstream production, it is also a useful for short batches as with virtually no set up time and no tooling costs, samples and prototypes can be made very quickly.


We have 4 Cnc Punching machines capable of punching up to 6mm thick mild steel, aluminium and copper, 3mm stainless steel and brass.

They can handle sheet dimensions of 3000mm x 1500mm.

Rapidly fast they are most affective on parts with many holes and can also produce forms such as countersunk holes, threaded holes and emboss. They are accurate to within 0.02mm.

One of our machines has a fully automated load/unload system which can work un-manned all night with ‘lights out’. This enables us to produce work at lower costs which we pass on to our customers.


To fold all the components that have been either punched or laser cut we have over 10 Cnc Press Brakes with the capacity to fold up to 3000mm long.

We have a vast array of tooling capable of folding deep returns or small intricate components.

All the machines are touch screen computer controlled, enabling us to repeat parts accurately and fast.


Henderson Fabrications have the necessary equipment and expertise to weld all types of metal including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium using either Mig or Tig machines.

We have 6 individual welding bays to cope with all your needs and requirements.

We also offer a powder coating service as well as electro plating and galvanizing.


We have our own in-house machining department offering milling, turning, grinding and tapping etc.

This is a recent addition to our portfolio and something our competitors typically sub-contract. It has enabled us to offer a more complete service.


At Henderson Fabrications, we are committed to the highest standards of quality, ensuring both production and performance measure up to your demands.

With ISO9001:2000 accreditation, we offer a quality assurance which is second to none, whilst our fully trained staff and continual investment in new technology ensures we are fully geared to meet the tightest demands.

We have invested in production software which tracks all jobs going through the factory using a bar coding system.

This enables us to have full traceability on products and materials and also gives us the information of the whereabouts of your order at the press of a button.

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