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For over 155 years Craftsmen & Professionals have used Henri Picard and Frere Ltd's Hand Tools. PICARD is the name on superb Tweezers, Pliers and many other precision tools.  Our products are found on Horologists benches, in many types of Electronics factories, Engineering workshops, Universities, Research Institutes and Power Stations.  Our products are predominently European sourced, offering value & quality  backed up by a friendly, professional service. With literally hundreds of different Tweezers to choose from as well as a main selection, we aim to match your technical requirement to the best material & type. Tweezer users tend to stick with makes they say have ' the right feel '... and we value the repeat business that confirms that a PICARD Tweezer is a great tool to have on a workbench.   Generous  Quantity Discounts and flexible Call Off options  mean that our service is also valued by Purchase Managers as well as those using the tools.


What do Piercing Sawblades, Watch Oilers, Eyeglasses have in common... they are all examples of Horology & Jewellers tools that other industries, professions & users  buy from us  for surprisingly different purposes. We don't mind... if for example -  ( and it's a true example ) you find a Watch Oiler's tiny spade tip to be the perfect tool to separate wires prior to soldering of a micro part... BRILLIANT... it means we've helped YOU solve a production problem. As well as our regular range , our 'Back Catalogue' of tools is there for you to plunder at will and we maintain extensive links with manufacturers just so we can source the appropriate tool.  All it takes is an email or call.

For the sake of convenience, and often to get a Student or enthusiast going we also offer Selections of tools.  Whilst all the items can be purchased separately our Horologist / watchmakers kits  contain the essential tools & materials for Watch & Clockmakers:

  • Watchmaker starter tool kit
  • Watchmaker deluxe tool kit

In our experience these kits are best tailored to the individual's requirements  so we would advise contacting our Sales team  by phone, fax or email.  If you are a UK  based Horologist you can also ( usually ) meet us face to face at the long established CLOCK & WATCH FAIRS held regularly at either Brunel University or at the Motor Cycle Museum near Birmingham ( see www.clockandwatchfairs.com  ). Our regular customers there will confirm that our products don't disappoint.


We're a HoroLOGICAL Supplier

Although we are no longer Swiss we still source many tools & clock materials  from Switzerland & other traditional european Horological manufacturing centres including Britain- because quite simply they provide decent, precise components that will enhance rather than spoil a good Movement. We 'source to suit ' orders from Material Dealers, Clock Shops & Individual Horologists, in the UK & Worldwide.  We are  also the ONLY genuine source of  JD WINDLE'S  ' Tried & Trusted ' Clock Oils,  we have a comprehensive range of hard to find genuine English Pivot Steel,  over 20 different sizes of tapered Steel & Brass Clock Pins... Pins that we know are kind to Cutter blades! Time honoured products... Why not ask us to Quote ?

We're a  HoroLOGICAL Supplier


OK...what's so special about a GLASS FIBRE BRUSH ? Why is a PICARD one worth trying ?  Well,  if  ( for example ) you are working in a Stained Glass Restoration Studio... the Quality of the actual Fibre glass is all important. You need to know that a 2mm brush will perform just as well as a massive 50mm version when dealing with delicate oxidised medieval glass. Model Engineers, Engravers, Mechanics, Submariners, Aviators, also all need a Glass Fibre brush- usually for contact point cleaning or die polishing  and need a quality abrasive that does the job, safely and efficiently- so that's what we supply.  UMV ( Vallorbe ) Files are another prestige product- for sure there are cheaper ones - but will they last ?,  have they the precision to cut the groove in a Watch screw head ? We only supply UMV- what's the point of spoiling our reputation with an inferior File !  We can supply all these individually or in useful selections:

  • Glass fibre brush set
  • Files/Broaches set


Where do we start with these intriguing, clever, MEMBRANE BOXES - also called SHOCKBOXES. The original MICRO was designed to transport delicate watch mechanisms between swiss factories but we have customers using them for silicon Lenses,  Ball Bearings, Probes,  Meteorites, Pills, Roman Coins, Jewellery & Dental Crowns. The MICRO boxes led to a massive range of Hinged Variants up to 300mm wide & 100mm deep... that have protected anything that's high value & easily damaged from vibration & unnecessary handling. All Membrane Boxes are reusable and can be used as ' in transit' packaging as well as being smart enough to be an attractive 'point of sale'  product-  as they are clear and visually enhance whatever is 'clasped' inside them with the Membranes. At Exhibitions visitors are always attracted to our displays of MEMBRANE SHOCKBOXES as they offer endless possibilities for samples, presentation & production. All we need to know is the SIZE of your product and we can match it to the modular range.... SIMPLE !  Clever but essentially simple- please contact us for more details.



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