Heraeus Noblelight Ltd (HNL)


Heraeus Noblelight Infrared Division part of the Global Heraeus group provide a range of standard and purpose built infrared heaters and tailored infrared solutions to industry in the UK and overseas.

Industrial heating processes have to be efficient. Perfectly matched infrared emitters allow heating processes to be carried out at the greatest efficiency saving you time and money. As a manufacturer of infrared heaters Heraeus are always in a position to offer impartial advice on the most suitable infrared wavelength for any given heating application.

We have at our disposal a fully equipped test and development facility where you can witness first hand the effects different infrared wavelengths have on your products. Heraeus also offer an extensive range of portable test equipment allowing you to run trials on your own production line to evaluate the additional performance that can be achieved from our technology.

Heraeus have over 500 infrared installations in the UK, with many more customers using our infrared emitters on machines supplied from OEMs around the world. If you need heat in your process contact one of our Engineers to discuss your specific requirements in more detail

Main products include Infra Red;

  • Emitters
  • Curing Equipment
  • Drying Equipment
  • Lamps
  • Ovens
  • Systems
  • Heaters
  • Quartz Lamps
  • Paint Curing
  • Heating
  • NIR
  • Drying
  • Solutions

Carbon Infrared Emitters

Heraeus Carbon Infrared heaters have a unique filament design.

They combine the versatile medium wave spectral emission with very short reaction times of just seconds. High quality quartz tubes and gold reflectors give them high efficiency. Twin Tube design gives them higher power densities and good mechanical stability. Round tube designs are also available.

Carbon emitters dry coatings and heat plastic materials highly efficient.

QRC infrared emitters with nano reflector

The benefits of infrared heat can also be realised under extreme process conditions. Thanks to a newly developed quartz reflector, heating processes can be carried out significantly better in vacuum or at high surrounding temperatures.

QRC® (quartz reflective coating)
Unlike conventional reflectors, the new nano reflector is not made of gold or metal oxides but of opaque quartz glass. Quartz glass is extremely heat-resistant, as well as being resistant to attacks from acids, lyes and other aggressive substances.

Golden 8 Infrared heaters

A reliable sign of competence and quality in infrared heating: the Golden 8 quartz twin tube is the basis of all our twin tube infrared heaters. It is the starting point for new solutions in heating processes.

The unique Heraeus Twin Tube design (the Golden 8) offers high radiation power and very good mechanical stability - allowing heaters of lengths up to 6.5 metres. Heraeus Golden 8 infrared heaters are available in short wave, medium wave, or fast response medium wave versions. That gives you the possibility to select the optimum wavelength for the material to be heated. Dimensions and filaments of the infrared heaters are matched to requirements. The gold reflector is another unique feature of the Golden 8 infrared heaters. It allows to emit heat directly to the product. A gold coating on the infrared heater reflects the infrared radiation. Consequently the infrared radiation impinging on the product is virtually doubled.

Special infrared heaters

Heraeus has developed special emitters to meet all requirements where only very small or curved faces, edges or contours need heating. Common to all of these emitters is their focus in shape, size and spectrum to the desired process.

Spiral emitters, Omega shaped emitters or contoured emitters, there is nearly no edge that couldn´t be heated with special infrared solutions.

Infared heat for coatings

Coatings need heat: Drying of water and water-based lacquers as well as gelling and curing of powder coatings.

Infrared heat can be precisely matched to the type of coating. For example, medium wave infrared heat is absorbed especially well by water. Thus, it can dry water-based coatings in a targeted way. This saves costs and improves quality. For other coatings, IR heat transmits through the coating and heats the base material for a smooth drying process. Nano coatings get the required high temperatures reliably through infrared. Heraeus infrared emitters can often make drying processes considerably faster compared to traditional methods like hot air drying.

Infared heat for plastics

Welding containers, stretching films and foils or forming PET bottles - infrared technology has optimised many processes in the plastics industry. Infrared emitters are heat sources which can be exactly matched to the product and its manufacturing stage. Clever emitter arrangements and flexible designs also allow heating processes to be carried out on components with complex geometry. Because infrared emitters can be switched on and off in seconds, they save both energy and production costs.

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