In 1877, Herkules started with the manufacture of bending machines, the production of the most diverse bent parts and with foundry technology. In the founding years the bending of circular geometrics attracted considerable attention. After successful years at the Wetzlar location, Herkules moved to the current location in Oberbiel in 1989. The company managed by Mr. Dieter Huttel (B.Eng.) focuses on the following three business activities: development and production of bending machines, the manufacture of complex steel support structures and the services field, where various profiles and tubing from steel and non-ferrous metals are bent according to client specifications for equipment, machinery and plants.

Our further products: bending machines for structural iron, metal section bending machines, 3-D bending, bent parts, welded steel structures, section bending machines, pipe bending machines, metal section bending machines, bent sheet metal parts, bending services

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