Hertford Controls Ltd.


Hertford Controls is the main UK distribution partner of Schaltbau Gmbh Munich and Pintsch Bamag Dinslaken.

Assembly and distribution of high quality electrical components, including switches, contactors, connectors and other control equipment, primarily for rail vehicle applications.

Established in 1992, Hertford Controls has many years experience supporting engineering projects where safety and reliability are the criteria. From the beginning, the company has made quality, on-time delivery and reduced lead times its priorities. Our own assembly area, working within the constraints of our ISO9001-2000 certification enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer demands. Short delivery times are made possible by in-depth stockholding and the capability to produce variants at short notice.

Typical Product Applications Include:

  • Waterproof Connectors for CCTV
  • IP67 Connectors for Food Processing Machinery
  • Snap-Action Switches for Cam Operated Devices
  • Door Control Switches
  • Limit Switches for Rail Vehicles
  • Heater Contactors for Rail Vehicles
  • Motor Contactors
  • High Voltage Contactors


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