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Through Kombi Alarm, we supply single and multi-sensor gas warning systems. These products are designed to monitor Natural Gas, LPG & Narcotic Gas for different sizes of vehicles, buildings and applications.

These gas warning systems protect lives and health by monitoring the atmosphere inside any enclosed space. In the event of a gas leak or emergency, an optical and acoustic alarm is triggered.

Analogue Panel Meters

We supply Standard  & Custom design analogue meters to meet our customer requests for all electrical inputs, Custom scales are standard products for our artwork dept. These meters are designed for high reliability & accuracy, special measuring ranges, may have built-in range switches. Most analogue switchboard instruments Curent Shunts & Transformers are readily available.

From our DIN range of analogue meters, we supply square switch panel meters compliant with DIN 43700 with specification including:

  • Front frame dimensions: 48x48 mm, 72x72 mm, 96x96 mm and 144x144 mm
  • Moving coil and moving iron meters for measuring electrical current and voltage, bimetal instruments with slave pointer as well as power, power factor and frequency measurement
  • Interchangeable scale system for simple scale change as standard
Analogue Panel Meters

Digital Meters

We supply fitted meters with 3.5-digit. 7-segment digital meters for measuring. Features of our digital meters include:

  • AC or DC currents
  • AC or DC voltage
  • Temperature measurement with PT 100
  • Additional measurement inputs (resistance, thermocouple, power, frequency) either with separate measuring transducer
Digital Meters

Shunts and Current Transformers

We furnish shunts and current transformers. The shunts are fully compliant with DIN 43 703 and DIN EN 60 051. They work with nominal current ranging from 1A to 15000A with a voltage drop of 60 mV 75mV  or 150 mV. Other ranges made to oder

The accuracy class of our shunts and current transformers is 0.5 % of the nominal value. On special request the accuracy class can be increased to 0.2 % of the nominal value.

Shunts and Current Transformers

Herts Meter Co

At Herts Meter Co, we supply reliable gas alarms for motorhomes, caravans, trucks, apartments and homes. We stock both analogue and digital panel meters, as well as bargraphs. They are built to customer design along with LCD modules.

If you use a caravan, mobile home, or drive a truck, we strongly recommend you protect yourself from KO (narcotic gas attacks). With our brilliant range of KombiAlarm gas warning systems and LPG gas alarms, you are sure to be kept safe from the disaster of a gas leak or attack.

Herts Meter Co

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