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We are a specialist anti slip tape supplier manufacturer and supply our own anti slip surface product, Safety Grip™.

We are a anti slip tape supplier who supply worldwide and provide a cost-effective product. It is easy to apply and meets DDA regulations and building regulations. It is extremely durable and available in an extensive range of colours.

Safety Grip Tape

We supply safety grip tape ideal for use when an anti slip surface is required on a surfaces tricky to adhere to.

Our safety grip tape can be supplied in a range of widths, shapes and colours. It iss hard wearing, competitively priced and ideal for a variety of applications.

Non-Slip Tape

We provide bespoke solutions for non slip tape and can supply it to customers for specific applications in any size, colour or shape.

You can also resell our non slip tape and we can package up the product to your exact requirements. This service includes core printing, printed boxes, shrink wrapping and display cases all combined with your company logo.

Hand Rail Grip Tape

Our hand rail grip tape is slip resistant and meets the growing demands of business. Hand rail grip tape can be supplied for specific customer demands.

We have manufactured a unique hand rail grip. It has a symmetrical embossed non slip surface insulated with PVC and prevents the hand rail grip tape from being cold to touch.

It is an advanced surface design but still gives a smooth surface and is easy to clean.

Non Slip Flooring Tape

We manufacture and supply non slip flooring tape.

We offer our non slip flooring tape at a competitive rate and to the highest quality standard.


The PermaStripe® is an aisle marking system instantly applied in any environment and is a cost-effective alternative to Durastrip.

PermaStripe® is extremely durable and provided with a two-year warranty. It is ideal for warehouse line marking systems and has no cure time once it has been applied.

It is temperature resistant and available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

Non Slip Flooring

Non slip flooring is required in a range of businesses to comply with health and safety regulations, Disability Discrimination Acts and building regulations.

We can provide non slip flooring to meet any distinct requirements and have an extensive range of non slip flooring products to meet the needs of various applications.

Our Aqua-Safe™ brand is perfect for creating non slip flooring for bare feet in baths and boats and can be supplied in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Anti Skid Tape

We provide anti skid tape to transform any surface into an anti skid surface. This can help your business meet DDA Regulations.

Anti skid tape is available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and we even have anti skip glowing in the dark tape, stripped designs or tape with warning messages.

Anti Slip Floor Coating

Our anti slip floor coating tape is cost effective, reliable and very convenient. It meets all your anti slip floor coating needs and includes non abrasive anti slip flooring coating with high friction efficiency and cushion grip anti slip floor coating to create a very soft surface.

Our range also includes non slip fabrics. They are soft but still have a efficient amount of friction.

Non Slip Tape

We manufacture a variety of non slip tape ideal for making non slip mats and skateboard grip tape.

Our non slip tape can also be used for anti slip floor coatings and can be applied to a diverse range of anti slip surfaces.

Slip Resistant Floor

For a highly efficient slip resistant floor, you will need covering to provide an all-around slip prevention service.

We can help with any slip resistant floor applications and are always ready to advise you on what you need and how we can help.

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