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Stephensons is a successful family-run catering equipment supplier based in Stockport with a turnover of almost 5 million. We boast to have the largest Catering Equipment Cash and Carry in the North of England and sell over 6,000 lines of catering equipment products to the best bars, restaurants and pub sector in the North West. We are experts in the sourcing and supply of restaurant & bar catering equipment and light kitchen catering equipment all at very competitive prices!

In 1860, Henry George Stephenson moved from the North East of England down to Manchester, the power house of the industrial revolution. He rented a stall on what was then known as Salford Flat Iron Market and began selling pottery made by Wood and Sons. Once a week he would make the pilgrimage to Stoke on Trent to collect his wares. For more history on Stephensons please click here.

Catering Equipment

We constantly benchmark our catering equipment prices in the market to ensure we offer very competitive prices to our customers. With over 140 years experience in the catering equipment industry we can help assist you in making the best decisions for your business. We also rigorously test any new catering equipment product to ensure it is 'fit for purpose'.

You can order your catering equipment from us any time of the day by using our industry leading catering website: stephensons.com. Alternatively, you can visit our largest catering equipment cash & carry in the North, speak to one of our customer service team on the telephone or request a visit from one of our experienced sales representatives.

Churchill China - Catering Equipment Crockery

Churchill Super Vitrified product offers stunning tableware that really lasts. From the established classic white plain or patterned plate to the freshest contemporary designs, Churchill China has quality product for every need. All super vitrified crockery co-ordinates perfectly so you can mix and match between ranges to suit your need. Inherently strong, Churchill China are so confident in the performance of their products they offer a 5 year edge chip warranty on a wide range of items and ranges. Whether you are stocking a small café, pub, restaurant or banqueting suite for 200 covers, Churchill China has a wide portfolio to cater for every need, in a style to suit.

Catering Equipment Glassware

An immense array of glass and crystal glasses perfect for any busy catering equipment industry, from beer to champagne glasses ... at very competitive prices.

Catering Equipment Cutlery

Whatever drives your decision - budget, style, comfort, weight - we've got the cutlery range for you to fit into your catering equipment establishment.

Bar Catering Equipment

From the community pub to the city-centre style bar, our bar equipment range covers every conceivable need.

Kitchen Catering Equipment

All a chef needs to kit out a professional catering equipment kitchen: knives, utensils, pans, storage containers etc.

Dudson - Catering Equipment Crockery

Dudson are celebrating their 210 anniversary this year and continue to be a world leader in the manufacture and supply of catering equipment crockery. Dudson still to this day remain a privately owned family business, the oldest in the UK crockery industry.

Integrating cutting edge design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Dudsonudson are able to offer the product performance and service needed to meet the exacting standards of today’s hospitality environment.

Steelite International - Catering Equipment Crockery

Steelite International is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of award winning, inspirational tabletop ranges for the catering industry. Steelite International has a lifetime warranty against edge chipping on all items in the Performance and Distinction ranges manufactured in the UK.

The Performance range combines presentation with practicality. The Steelite crockery collection comprises smart, functional and affordable pieces in a variety of designs. Individual items can be used across your menu giving you even better value for money.

The Steelite International Distinction range ensures elegance and style with core strength for lasting durability. Able to withstand the trials of the professional catering kitchen, these cleverly combined properties ensure a truly unique and memorable dining experience, time after time.

Porcelite Catering Crockery

Porcelite crockery is fast becoming a recognised brand in the catering and hospitality market, offering a powerful combination of performance and value.

Porcelite Vitrified Hotelware has forged an enviable reputation of being able to cope with the toughest catering environments, which is backed by its FIVE YEAR EDGE CHIP GUARANTEE on selected items (subject to normal usage).

The Porcelite crockery range offers a cost effective alternative to established vitrified earthenware brands and can generate significant cost savings for its users without compromising on quality and visual appeal.

Afternoon / High Tea Ideal for Catering Establishments

With an estimated 165 million cups of tea being consumed everyday in England, high tea is officially back.

And family-run catering equipment supplier, Stephensons has seen the orders pour in for its high tea products - with an almost 400% increase in sales. The majority of orders have seen traditional wooden tea presentation boxes fly off the shelves of the Manchester-based company. This has been coupled with an increase in sales of glass infuser teapots and traditional cake stands to perfect the high tea experience.

Henry Stephenson, Marketing Director at Stephensons, said: "High tea is definitely back on the agenda. These items allow restaurants, hotels and cafes to offer their customers an interesting alternative to an ordinary late lunch or afternoon snack. We are delighted with the sales results we have achieved on these products."

High profile restaurateur Steve Pilling, has recently launched his version of the traditional tipple at his iconic restaurant - the Red Lion, Cheshire. The former shareholder of the well known Sam's Chop House and Mr Thomas' Chop House in Manchester City Centre - and current owner of the acclaimed Damson restaurant - has chosen Stephensons products for the launch of 'High Tea at High Lane'. Steve said: "After seeing the increase in popularity of high tea, I decided to launch my very own at the Red Lion. The products from Stephensons are ideal for creating the high tea experience and we are delighted with the response it has received so far."

Sales figures for Stephensons' glass teapot have gone from zero in 2008 to 80 in 2010, while the traditional tea box sales have reached a high of 395, compared to zero sales in 2008. The phenomenon has also seen the return of fine rim high end crockery, replacing the former popular functional items. The Glass Infuser Teapot, the Natural Bamboo Wood Tea Box and the Large 3 Tier Stainless Steel Cake Stand are all available in Stephensons 2010 catalogue.

The complete High Tea range can be seen below. Stephensons boast the largest catering equipment showroom and cash and carry facility in the North.

Alchemy Fine China - Ambience Range

Introducing Ambience, a stylish and elegant range of finer, lighter Alchemy plates and beverage pieces. Designed to evolve and compliment the existing Alchemy range to create the ultimate fine dining experience.
Every plate has an ultra low profile with a defined well and a raised inner rim to frame the food and enhance the use of sauces, perfectly finishing each dish. The selection of three different rim sizes offers exceptional versatility.
The Alchemy White Beverage pieces perfectly enhance and integrate with this collection. Especially designed for fine dining, creating the perfect ambience.

*NEW*- Churchill is proud to announce new additions to the Ambience range. Following research and customer feedback a standard rim 11" bowl and a wide rim 11" bowl are now available, further extending this comprehensive range to make it the ultimate choice for fine dining.

Alchemy Fine China - Buffet Range

The Alchemy Buffet collection is a creative evolution, capturing the stunning profiles of Energy and Balance. Over and undersized pieces build around existing items to create the ultimate buffet concept: stylish, modular, versatile and eye-catching.

The simple clean lines of rectangular boats and trays sit harmoniously with soft organic tear dishes, while deep bowls add height and square rims frame the food. Easy combinations offer endless options for layering, modular display and enhanced presentation.

With the pure whiteness and durability of Alchemy fine china, the Buffet range brings style without compromise to buffet service and offers limitless opportunities for creative display. Equally, the sophisticated stand-alone pieces in this range are ideally suited to the stylish surroundings of today's fine dining.

Alchemy Fine China - White Range

Alchemy White sits at the very heart of the Alchemy range. A premium product, designed from the outset to enhance presentation, it incorporates a range of innovative contemporary shapes, along with signature pieces that bring a theatrical flourish to the table.

Offering a contemporary twist on a classic look, Alchemy White has been designed with both innovation and functionality in mind and offers exceptional flexibility and value. Its comprehensive item range includes key shapes and sizes and multi-functional items for correct portion control, delivering both cost benefits and greater opportunities for creative expression through different serving combinations.

Undeniably appealing, this pure white fine china is designed with practicality and durability in mind. A neat rolled edge gives excellent chip-resistance, whilst a unique glazed foot helps protect surfaces against scratching and metal marking and has the additional benefit of being more hygienic than a traditional unglazed foot. Space and storage is always at a premium in busy kitchens, therefore many of the items in the range have been designed to stack where appropriate.

Alchemy Fine China - Balance Range

All types of contemporary fusion and pacific-rim style cuisine will be complemented and enhanced by Balance; a range of 13 key items in simple modern shapes, with the versatility to cross other food groups. The Whiteness of Alchemy fine china lets the food be the star.

Sauces can be poured or drizzled in the deep coupe bowls and plates, which are rimless to offer great flexibility in food presentation. Feature pieces such as the handled footed soup bowl and rectangular tray make a real statement in the table.

Selections of footed bowls are included in different sizes for rice and all types of side orders. All items are stackable, with either a glazed or polished foot that helps protect surfaces against scratching and metal marking.

Alchemy Fine China - Energy Range

A stylish collection of contemporary, square shaped plates and bowls is designed to integrate with the Alchemy White range for maximum economy and versatility. With urban chic elegance and the pure whiteness of fine china, it offers many exciting possibilities to enhance food presentation.

It's a stylish yet practical solution, with square rims to frame the food, deep plates that allow sauces to be poured or drizzled, tall bowls add height and feature pieces to enhance presentation. All items are stackable and feature a glazed foot to protect surfaces against scratching.

* New * Three new additions comprising of Rectangular shaped plates and a bowl to enhance food presentation and are exciting new additions to the existing Energy range and Buffet concept

Alchemy Fine china - Miniature range

The Alchemy Miniatures capture the flowing profiles of Energy and Balance and look stunning presented on the large buffet trays and service plates.

Alchemy Fine China - Atlantic Range

Inspired by the ocean, the soft, organic forms of Atlantic animate the tabletop, stimulating the dining experience. Designed exclusively by Bodo Sperlein, the sculptured, biomorphic profiles that shape each dish are beautifully finished by sweeping, raised curves that attract the eye to the centre of the piece.

This unique range of 5 pieces is ideal for starters, whilst perfect for accompaniment dishes.

Atlantic compliments all other Alchemy ranges, offering flexible and distinguished table presentation.

Alchemy Fine China - Jardin Range

A pure white canvas graced by a subtly embossed border that echoes the elegant arches of conservatory windows. Jardin is a classic design with a timeless appeal that brings a sophisticated ambience to the dining experience, whether it is for a conservatory restaurant or prestigious hotel banqueting.

It offers impressive added value through its full border embossed design, the subtlety of which does not detract from the main hero; the food. Low relief embossment facilitates cleaning and allows for easy decoration of pieces, with a badge or band.

An extensive range of 35 items including flatware and holloware, offers great flexibility for use at the table. All items feature a chip resistant rolled edge and glazed foot, and matching flatware and holloware profiles permit interstacking with Alchemy White.

Dudson Evolution Catering Equipment Crockery

Dudson Evolution has the lowest carbon footprint of any ceramic hospitality tableware
manufactured anywhere in the world.

Produced entirely in the UK, Dudson Evolution has been developed with the prime objective of reducing the carbon footprint created during manufacture. Featuring variance in colour and glaze and specifically designed with the hand-made appearance of thrown pottery, every piece is truly unique.

Introducing new colours...

Following the successful launch of 'Sand', the Dudson Evolution range has been extended to include new colours. The introduction of 'Pearl' will enhance any type of food presentation, while the sophisticated appearance of 'Jet' (coming in 2011), adds a contemporary twist. Why not mix and match the colours for an individual look?

The science bit

Manufacturing ceramic products has traditionally been costly to the environment, with firing and glazing in particular resulting in high energy use. Until now! Evolution is produced using 100% lead-free ThermECO glaze and is manufactured using a once-fired technology, significantly reducing the impact of production on the environment.

Dudson Fine China

Brilliant white, translucent and beautifully decorated, Dudson Fine China is the logical choice. Elegant and sophisticated, this exclusive collection combines the delicate aesthetics of fine bone china with the strength of vitrified tableware.

Since the company's creation in 1800, the Dudson family business has striven for excellence and innovation. When first introduced, Dudson Fine China was acclaimed as the most innovative development of the twentieth century in the ceramic hotel tableware industry. Now popular all over the world, demand for this outstanding product is met from the substantial stockholdings at our international distribution centres, ensuring a worldwide five star service.

Dudson Fine China is proudly manufactured in England demonstrating the continued dedication and commitment to product performance and innovation.

Dudson Finest Vitrified

Combining design excellence with exceptional durability, Dudson Finest Vitrified Hotelware offers an extensive collection of stunning designs in a variety of shapes and colours to achieve a long-lasting impression. Proudly manufactured in England, many of the ranges are now backed by a Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty for even greater confidence in product performance.

Dudson Neo/Tudor Collection

Designed with professional foodservice in mind, the Neo Collection is highly practical and versatile. Contemporary shaped stacking hollow ware complements a selection of medium weight plates that feature a rolled edge for exceptional durability.

Dudson Solaris Catering Equipment Crockery

Add a touch of elegance to your tabletop with the stunning Solaris range. The brilliant whiteness of Dudson Fine China perfectly complements the delicate embossment to offer a collection that will enhance any dining experience.

Dudson Dynasty Collection Catering Equipment Crockery

Modern, elegant & timeless, the clean contours of Dynasty offer unlimited opportunities for sleek and stylish tabletop presentation.

Dudson Asia Collection Catering Equipment Crockery

Retaining the true characteristics of Asian tableware, this limited collection offers the right balance of ingredients for contemporary fusion cuisine.

Dudson Nexus Catering Equipment Crockery

Distinctive and versatile - the crisp, clean profile of the Nexus fine china collection is the ultimate in modern elegance. A multifunctional concept combining practicality with outstanding food presentation.

Dudson Elements Catering Equipment Crockery

A fantastic range of stunning fine china and glass, which represent the four elements - fire, water, earth & air.

New Lined & CE Marked Glasses

By Law all licensed premises have to offer a 125ml measure of wine.

These new glasses lined and CE marked at 125, 175 and 250ml allow you great flexibility and to maintain simple operation whilst complying with the new law.

Two Thirds of a Pint Now Available

Stephensons is proud to announce some new additions to its glassware range to meet the demands of new legislation that was introduced on 1 October 2011.

For those of you that didn’t already know, drinkers can now pop into their local for two-thirds of a pint, as bar and restaurants are now able to offer their customers two-thirds of a pint as an official measure. Before only pints, halves and a third of a pint could be served legally.

On account of this we have introduced two new glasses from Artis with the two-thirds measure. The Libbey ‘Munique’, a stemmed beer glass, ideal for premium beers and the Libbey ‘Endeavor’, a robust, tall and slim, stacking beer glass, great for everyday use.

While the pint remains a great British Icon, the two-thirds pint will give greater flexibility to bars and restaurants over how beer is served and help encourage your customers to consume less volumes of alcohol. The new size is also expected to help beer appear more attractive to women as many tend to avoid the traditional pint glass.

If you are thinking of replenishing your glassware stock soon, why not take a look today!

Toughened Conical Latte Glass

This toughened conical latte glass is perfect for hot winter drinks including latte, hot chocolate, hot toddy and Irish coffee. This latte glass is toughened which ensures the glass is stronger and its shelf life is 20-30% longer than standard glass. The latte glass will disintegrate into small shards when broken which increases safety for both staff and customer.

Soup Kettle Wet Heat 10 Litre Black


Electric Wet Heat Soup Kettle

o Capacity: 10ltr
o Temperature Control
o Can also be used for stews, curries, chilli, mulled wine or spiced cider
o Neon indicator
o Plug Supplied
o Includes 10 labels for different soups and sauces
o 1 Year Warranty
o 10 Litre


The freezing nights are coming and as temperatures drop there is nothing like a hot bowl of soup to warm you up. It’s easy to make and the aromas can do wonders at luring passers-by into your establishment to sample the delights.

The main piece of equipment people use to serve soup is a soup kettle which keeps soup at a warm consistent temperature, ready for serving throughout the day. They are also ideal for other foods types such as, stews, curries and chilli and also hot drinks like festive mulled wine or spiced cider.

An electric soup kettle is a great help in the kitchen. Most soup kettles hold from 5 to 10 litres and have a built in temperature control system that will keep your soup from getting too hot, boiling over, or not staying hot enough.

If soup is a staple on the menu, a soup kettle will take one big pan off your stove and let you put your soup where serving staff can reach it easily, helping free up space in your kitchen. It is also one less thing that your cooks have to serve up and that could be critical on demanding nights.

Cryovac Disposable Plastic Pint Glass 20oz / 57cl Pint to Brim GS/CE

The Disposable Plastic 20oz Pint glasses are strong enough to be held properly without spilling beer whilst being shatter resistant, removing the risks of cracked rims, split sides and leaking bases. The disposable plastic half pint glasses also provide high performance and consumer satisfaction at great value prices.

Cryovac Drink disposable tumblers are made from robust clear polypropylene and are in sleeves of 50 for hygiene and convenience. The plastic 20oz pint glasses serve measures in 20oz / Pint, Filled to Brim for an exact measure without the need for approved metering devices, and has a diameter of 101mm and depth of 120mm.

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