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Hi-Tek Products Ltd is the south's leading supplier of exemplary masking products. We produce predominantly for the metal finishing industry for electroplaters, metal finishing and specialist paint.

We offer tapered plugs manufactured in Neoprene or silicone. Our Neoprene 1200 series are produced in high-quality Neoprene and can be used with most electroplating and anodising electrolytes. They are appropriate for stove painting to a maximum temperature of 170oC.

Our silicone 1300 tapered plug series are manufactured in high grade silicone capable of for high temperature work during powder coating processes in electroplating and anodising electrolytes. They have high chemical resistance in anodising, etching, e-coating systems, chrome plating, conversion coating, and electroless nickel plating.

Pull Through Plugs

Our pull through plugs for through holes has a lead narrow (minor diameter) section that is used to pull the plug into place. Its major diameter should ideally exceed that of the parallel hole by about 0.5 to 1.00mm and the smaller diameter tail needs to be fed through the hole. The larger diameter should be pulled into place leaving some of it exposed outside the hole.

Allowing for the 45 degree angled shoulder the overall length of the pull through plug is just more than twice the major/minor length.

Self Threading Polythene Plugs

Some circumstances need the use of the self threading polythene plug. It has a smaller shoulder to restrict the extent they can be pushed into the hole but they are still long enough to guarantee a complete seal.

The flat head on the self threading polythene plug is easily removed the and they reusable up to an operating temperature of 80oC.


We offer a range of caps used to mask pins, tags and studs during the finishing process. They are also good for protecting in further processes and during transportation.

We offer a vinyl cap that has an operating temperature up to 170oC and is convenient for paint spraying, anodising and electroplating.

Our silicone caps can be used in temperatures up to 260oC and offers high chemical resistance. It is also suitable for paint spraying, anodising and electroplating as well as e-coating and powder coating.

Cone Caps

We also provide cone caps. They are a versatile silicone cap used in plating and powder coating industries and are often used as a plug or cap.

They are extremely useful as their rigid flange and malleable cone can act as a hanging surface. They can be used for masking irregular shapes or standard square or utilised as a pull plug.


An effective solution to masking slots and grooves and longer threads on studs is tubing. A diameter slighter bigger than the groove or slot is best for a good seal and a diameter smaller is better for threaded studs.

Our tubing is produced in vinyl is excellent for electro-plating jobs and in silicone rubber. Silicone tubing can be used in applications that reach a temperature of 260oC during powder coating and supplied in 10 metre coils or a required length.

Masking Tapes

Masking tape is well used in the home as well as an industry sectors, but it is important to remember that each type of masking tape exhibits different properties for different types of jobs.

In industry, they need a number of properties to deal with processes, operating temperatures, friction and solutions. We provide electroplaters masking tape that can be used during powder coating and stove enamelling.

Masking Dots Or Discs

Our masking dots or discs can be used to mask off circles of a given size in 1mm increments. We offer masking dots or discs for painting and stove enamelling that are rubber backed and adhesive in temperatures up to 200oC.

Our masking dots used in electroplating are backed with vinyl and for powder coating. We provide silicone dots backed in polyester that can be heated up to 370oC.

We also offer dots or discs with a given diameter to create washer or doughnut shaped masks.

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