High Grade Metal Polishers Ltd


High Grade Metal Polishers are experts at polishing metal. By polishing metals they can achieve numerous finishes, including:

  • Satin
  • Bright
  • Mirror
  • Superior mirror
  • And orbital sand.

Polishing metal can be used to restore or finish many metal products. High Grade Metal Polishers Ltd can offer a full consultation service right from the outset of your project. This ensures you receive the correct metal polishing service for your application.

 They offer the following metal polishing services: hand polishing, casting, tube polishing, vessel polishing and restoration.

Metal Polishing Finishes

High Grade Metal Polishers can achieve a variety of different metal polishing finishes. However, the type of finish is dependent on the surface properties of the material. They same metal polishing finish can be applied to a number of different materials but they will appear quite different. 

They can offer the following metal polishing finishes:

  • Satin - a dull polish
  • Bright - a reflective surface
  • Mirror - a deep mirror polish
  • Orbital sand - obtained by using an orbital sander
  • And superior mirror - suitable for electro plating.


Materials for Metal Polishing Essex

High Grade Metal Polishers are able to work with a range of materials for metal polishing in Essex.

The materials they can polish includes: stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass and aluminium.

They have the knowledge and expertise to provide customers with advice customers on which finishes are best suited to their material. For more information on materials for metal polishing in Essex, please visit their website.

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