High Voltage Systems Ltd

  • Custom built transformers
  • High Voltage test equipment
  • Testing, calibration
  • Instrumentation
  • ISO 9001-2000 and ISO17025 registered
Suppliers of a full range of custom built, impregnated & cast resin transformers and reactors. Oil immersed tank designs also available. Power ratings up to 15MVA. Voltages ratings up to 36kV.

Cast resin types conform to F1 fire behaviour class, C2 climatic class, E2 environment class.

Applications include isolating and safety, adapting earthing system, harmonic filtering, smoothing, short circuit current limitation, Scott 3 phase 2 phase adaptation, rectifier units, motor starting.

We also supply the best in High Voltage test equipment for  AC, DC, or impulse applications. Profile includes partial discharge detectors, capacitance-tandelta bridges, underground cable fault location sets

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