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Highland can provide a unique range of metalwork finishing services. Our innovative 'Colourgalv' process blends hot dip galvanizing with powder coating. Designers, architects and fabricators all make use of our services to add a new dimension to products and buildings. As our coloured coatings bring your creations to life, galvanizing also offers unparalleled protection and sustainability for the future.


This process involves the dipping of chemically cleaned steel into a bath of molten zinc. The resultant metallurgical reaction forms a series of zinc- iron alloy layers which provide a corrosion barrier both internally & externally.


Colourgalv involves blending the performance benefits of hot dip galvanizing with the extensive range of colours and textures available from powder coating means that all the colours and textures available for aluminium are now available for mild steel.

Colourgalv was launched by Highland in order to provide customers with all the benefits of galvanized steel plus an extra durability and abrasion resistance that paint-based systems cannot match. Highland are the only Akzo Nobel approved applicator for powder coating on galvanized steel north of London.

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Powder Coating is an organic coating system that adds colour to any steel or aluminium product. It involves electrostatic charged powder being applied to a clean substrate & then oven cured.

The size range for powder coating is 7m length x 3m height x 1.2m width and a lifting capacity of up to 1 tonne. The opportunities to powder coat are endless. With a one stop, factory controlled coating from Scotland’s only approved Akzo Nobel applicator on galvanized steel. With a single even coat & no drying time required your powder coated material is immediately ready for installation. The factory controlled process also ensures no on site overspray or spillage.



Design considerations for galvanizing:

  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Bath size
  • Connectiongs
  • Contactings surfaces
  • Edge protection
  • Falling weight test
  • Hammered coating
  • Handling
  • Internal diaphragms and baffles
  • Labelling and marking
  • Masking
  • Surface contamination
  • Venting and draining
  • Welded joints
  • Welding

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Highland Galvanizers

Highland has a reputation for delivering quality service by adhering to the international standards ISO 1461:2009 (Hot dip galvanizing) and BS EN 13438:2005 (Polyester powder coating).

Quality is critical to our customers' needs and to ensure these needs are met, Highland have a quality director who oversees testing and implements improvements for both plants. Highland employs stringent test regimes to ensure the service we provide meets the need of our customers.

All galvanizing is inspected to ensure that the coverage and thickness meets with ISO 1461 and that any blemishes are removed prior to the products being released for pick up or transportation. A test panel is included with every powder coating job. This panel is then tested for colour, thickness, adhesion, pressure and surface elasticity. As well as this both galvanizing and powder coating pre-treatments are monitored and tested to ensure they provide the ideal base for our coatings.

Highland Galvanizers

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