Highline Access Ltd.

Highline is a Bristol based Rope Access Services company who operate on a National level, but in particular; The South West, South Wales, The Midlands, and The South East.

Rope Access (also known as Abseil Access and Roped Access) is a method of work positioning that allows a multi-skilled technician to descend or ascend on ropes, anywhere on your building or structure regardless of size and access difficulty. Rope Access provides an all in one solution. Not only can Highline gain access to difficult to reach locations where no other means of access is possible or feasible, but we can also undertake a wide range of tasks once we are there.

This includes:

· Building Cleaning

· Building Maintenance

· Building Surveys

· Building Construction

· Building Conservation

· Installations

· Safety Bolts

· Confined Spaces

Traditional access methods have many disadvantages. Scaffolding for example, is very expensive, slow to erect, inconvenient, unsightly, a security risk, can damage pavements and block emergency escape routes. Powered Access Machines provide safety at height, but due to their restrictive nature, may not be the best solution.

Rope Access is one of the few growth areas of the construction industry. Through client awareness, companies have realised that rope access offers flexibility and can generate considerable savings.

The Benefits of Roped Access are therefore significant.
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