Hilf Supply Chain Solutions Ltd


We are a UK based consultancy specialising in management training. We provide comprehensive supply chain training solutions. Our supply chain training solutions are vast and market leading, covering large multinational clients in intricately targeted sectors.

Management Training Consultancy

We are an experienced and dedicated management training consultancy specialising in customer centred supply chain management.

As a leading management training consultancy, we also specialise in the areas of demand planning, MRP, inventory management and forecasting.

Demand Planning

We areĀ a leading management training consultancy specialising in demand planning.

We assist ERP implementations by offering services complimenting those offered by the IT biased consultancy tasked with configuration and implementation. Particular emphasis is on demand planning issues and replenishment issues.

Training and Consultancy Assignments Supplier

We are a specialist training and consultancy assignments supplier.

As a specialist and dedicated training and consultancy assignments supplier, we relentlessly pursue customer satisfaction and strive to provide a one hundred percent quality service every time.

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