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Many SME owners have negotiated their own leases.  You would naturally focus on the rent, but what about flexibility? fixed costs? control over rent reviews? exit strategies etc?  The ways all of these factors interlink is complex and needs explaining by an expert who has the experience to relate them to your business dynamics.  hillier associates pride ourselves on fully educating and briefing you so that you have the information & understanding to make the right decisions to support your business strategy.    

Nearly every single business owner that I have spoken to after they have signed their lease have bemoaned the fact that they did not use our services.  They had no idea that so much could be achieved to help their business in the future. Please feel free to contact us for a chat about your business and gain an insight into some of the many issues you should consider - 01444 455566 (ask for Stephen Hillier)

We know that the first class service that we provide to our customers has saved their companies many £000’s over the course of their tenancies and most of our clients would testify that our work saved them over 10 times the value of our fees (which anyway tend to be lower than most because of our efficiency).

Other companies use other agents and there are many well-educated and professional ones in the UK.  However, most of their training, mindset and fee income is through their landlord/investor clients.  They are not used to thinking from YOUR perspective.

To summarise:

  • your time should be better spent on your core business.  If our costs are greater than than what you can earn in the time you'll spend on this then you are probably in the wrong business!
  • we are not a cost - we will actually save you money!
  • we have access to extensive market data
  • we have access to local knowledge through our unique database of over 1,100 local agents
  • you will feel so much better knowing that you have the best possible result on one of the most costly and lengthy contracts that your business enters into

Negotiating Your Lease

Your lease will commit your Company to a building and costs for a considerable period of time.  If done poorly it can terribly constrain your business plans.

It is not just about the basic rent, but also balancing your need for minimal costs with other factors such as flexibility, repairs and exit strategies.  All the various features that make up a lease create a complex web of inter-dependancy and what hillier associates do very well is to make sure we understand your business plans and then work with you to decide the optimum way to structure the negotiations and the ensuing lease.

It is very important to us that you fully understand this process because how else can you give us informed instructions?  Probably you'll end up sufficiently educated that you could do it on your own next time.  Happily most of our clients prefer to outsource it to hillier associates again!

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