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Resin has a variety of properties making it usable in a range of applications. We have been creating resin casting for over 30 years. Our experience and skilled approach allows us to provide rapid prototyping on both short production runs and cost-efficient volume production.

Our resin castings can be completed in a selection of finishes including wood, stone or bronze.

Subcontract Resin Casting

We specialise in subcontract resin casting. We can provide you with your resin castings unfinished, then you decide on your own finishing. We also build castings entirely complete.

Our subcontract resin casting reaches a range of industry sectors and our exceptional talent and service can be tailored to suit any requirement.

Some of the products we have recently manufactured are giftware, walking stick heads, corporate gifts, curtain pole finials, museum replicas, clock cases, game pieces and boards, awards, and trophies.

We have also produced castings for garden products, house name plaques, and point of sale designs.

Laser Engraving

We have an in-house laser engraver. We can produce personalised products and offer more specialist design services. We have built a long standing customer base who benefit from our exceptional service and talents.

The laser engraver means we can quickly and efficiently personalise products with a fast turnaround time and low cost. We can produce and apply logos, inscriptions and monograms onto a range of products.

Bespoke Resin Cast Products

Our bespoke resin cast products are born from our complete design and origination service. We combine our own skills with those of freelance artists and sculptors to take your conceptual ideas and create moulds. We produce a prototype before moving onto the final stages of production.

The bespoke resin cast products can also be combined with the techniques of our engraver to engrave drawings, lettering or logos onto a design. 

Resin Giftware

Our resin giftware will take your own conceptual ideas, transformed by our teams of artists and designers right through to completion.

Resin giftwares can be seen monitored from making a mould, to producing a prototype and then, finally, getting the approval for a design to go into production.

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