Hiva Products


Hiva Products manufacture a wide range of flocked products that are used in a variety of industries.

Visit our website now to find links for a more detailed description and a link to request samples and prices. We hold information on Vacforming Films, Flocked PVC, Flock Transfer and Self Adhesive Flock and other Flocking.

Flock Coating Service

Hiva Products (High Voltage Applications) are Britain's premier commission flocking company. We are able to flock coat any flat sheeting up to 160 cm wide on reels and sheets 100 x 75 cm with almost any specified fibre.

Our products are used in a multitude of industries: Packaging, sportswear, cosmetics, medical, optical, flooring, automotive, photographic, jewellery, theatrical, toys and games.

Visit our website now for further information on our Flock Coating Service.

Flock Coating Service

Flocked Products

Our products include: PVC, high Impact Polystyrene, car carpet, foam and Vacforming Films. Please visit our website for further information on Flocked Products.

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