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HMT can provide quality products and services to contractors and end users in the bulk liquid storage market. HMT's success centers on our solid understanding of both the changing industry and the environmental needs of our customers.

HMT provides various types of tank products globally to all types of end users and contractors. Special products and programs are established in order to support tank builders in their local markets around the world.

In addition to supporting tank builders in the United States, HMT also provides a complete suite of tank services for the bulk liquid storage market.

Aluminium Dome

HMT's clear span Aluminum Domes and Flat Panel Covers are custom engineered in order to accommodate a wide range of shapes, spans and operating service conditions.  HMT's Aluminum Domes are designed in full accordance with the latest revision of AWWA D100 or API 650, Appendix G.  Applications include water storage, wastewater treatment, clarifiers and thickeners as well as bulk storage.

HMT's state of the art design program fully integrates three dimensional graphic design with finite element analysis, generating in real time customer drawings, CNC fabrication drawings, structural analysis, reports and bill of materials.

The HMT Aluminum Dome cover features a clear span, all aluminum constructed, light weight corrosion resistant structure.  HMT’s exceptionally strong clear span design eliminates the need for interior support structures which eliminate floating roof penetration and reduce vapor emissions. 

Primary Seals

HMT provides many different types of Primary Seals for Aboveground Floating Roof Storage Tanks. These Primary Seal designs include state-of-the-art Mechanical Shoe Seals, Wiper Seals, Tube Seals, Foam Seals and special application type seals. These seals are designed for both External and Internal type floating roofs. A wide range of materials of construction are incorporated into each type seal design to ensure compatibility with the stored liquid product and long service life. These seals are designed to keep the stored hydrocarbon vapors from escaping to the atmosphere, even when subjected to adverse service conditions and wide variations in roof rim space. Several of these seal designs allow installation while the storage tank remains in-service.

Secondary Seals

HMT provides a wide range of Secondary Seals for Aboveground Floating Roof Storage Tanks. These Secondary Seal designs range from Wiper Seals to special Low Profile Seals for both External and Internal Floating Roofs. As with the Primary Seals, these Secondary Seals are designed for both stored liquid product compatibility and extended service life, accommodating wide variations in roof rim space. The low profile secondary seals also allow tank owners to obtain additional usable tank capacity. 

Roof Drain Systems

HMT offers several types of Roof Drain Systems that drain rainwater from External Floating Roofs. While conventional hose drains and metal clad “Multi-Flex” drains are available, HMT features its Pivot Master® Drain System, providing the best features of both rigid pipe systems and flexible hose systems. These “time-tested” and proven drain systems provide both maintenance free dependability and a long service life.

Floating Roof Systems

HMT designs and provides floating rooves for both External and Internal Floating Roof Storage Tanks. Annular Pontoon, Double Deck and Buoy type External steel rooves are available. For Internal Roof applications, HMT offers various types of contact and non-contact aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass rooves, as well as pan, compartmented and pontoon type steel rooves. Many of these Internal Rooves can be provided with the HMT Suspended Deck System, eliminating the need for roof support legs. Oil-Water Separator Covers are also offered by HMT in aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass materials of construction.

Flat Panel Covers

HMT’s Flat Panel Cover offers the same maintenance free materials that are offered with the HMT Aluminum Dome roof but in a flat panel cover. HMT’s aluminum cover is economical, with a low initial cost and reduced installation time. 

These strong, fixed, durable all aluminum panels provide the owner with an extended, low maintenance service life. 

Traditional concrete covers are heavy and hard to remove. The all aluminum flat cover from HMT is lightweight and easily removed. This cover offers excellent odor-control and can be sealed for an additional level of odor abatement. 

Oily Water Separator Covers and Seals

HMT’s new VaporVault™ Composite Floating Cover represents a major breakthrough in the Oil-Water Separator Floating Cover market. This new concept in Floating Covers provides both separator owners and operators with a clear choice in the type of covers available. 

This new composite design includes features not found in other Covers. This design incorporates the latest advancements in FRP Pultrusion technology and composite construction, resulting in a Cover with superior operating performance properties and extended, maintenance free, service life. The strength of this VaporVault™ Floating Cover is unequalled in the industry.

Emission Control

Our emission control devices include:


HMT was founded in 1978, specifically for the purpose of providing quality products and services for the maintenance and repair of Aboveground storage tanks.   HMT's field services include the inspection, repair and retrofit of Aboveground tanks.  This service work includes not only routine maintenance projects, but the special repairs and replacements required due to corrosion, deterioration, or damage due to wind, fire or sinking of floating roofs.  HMT has the technical expertise to evaluate the specific conditions and determine the most appropriate corrective action to be taken.

Services include:

  • Tank Repair
  • Turnkey
  • Inspection
  • Calibration
  • New Tanks
  • Coatings & Linings
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Government 

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