Hockley International Ltd


Making a World of Difference in Agriculture, Public Health, Animal Health and Industry.

Hockley International are an privately-owned company with 25 years experience in the manufacture and exporting of agricultural, public health, industrial and animal health products. We supply over 90 countries worldwide in agricultural, animal health, veterinary hygiene and public health industries.

Our mission is to produce superior products for superior results, and like our symbol, to safeguard the health of crops, humans and animals everywhere: making a world of difference to agriculture, animal health, public health and industry all over the world. Products are made to your specifications and our in-house registration team provides dossiers for most products.

We supply insecticides, herbicides, acaricides, fungicides and pesticides, including: Amitraz, Mostyn, Glyphosate, Diuron, Abamectin, Cypermethrin, Imidacloprid, Permethrin, Propoxur.

* To discover how we can make a world of difference to you, please e-mail us or visit www.hockley.co.uk.

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