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Since 1959, Hodge Clemco has been leading the surface preparation industry. We are leaders in the manufacture of abrasive blast equipment and machinery.

Our products range from:

  • Portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment,
  • Hand blast cabinets
  • Soda blast equipment
  • Blast rooms
  • JBlast and recyclable abrasives

Blasting Abrasives

We supply a wide variety of blasting abrasives. Our products are available in expendable, recyclable and specialist materials. For more information on blasting abrasives, please visit our website.

Our selection includes:

  • JBlast Standard
  • JBlast Supa
  • JBlast Supafine
  • JBlast Special
  • SC
  • Stonegrit Coarse
  • Stonegrit Fine
  • Stonegrit Extrafine
  • GreenBlast / Glass Grit
  • Aquagrit
Blasting Abrasives

Blast Rooms

Used in a multitude of industry applications, our blast rooms are designed to meet the particular needs of your facilities and blasting processes. Beyond our current array of blast room designs, we can also provide bespoke blast room solutions for your individual needs.

Our abrasive blast room options include:

  • Containerised Design
  • Panelled Booths
  • Acoustic Booths
  • Blast Room Equipment
Blast Rooms

Blast Machines

We supply some of the most technically advanced blast machines on the market. They are unmatched on performance, low running costs and extended life cycles. Please visit our website for more information on our contractor range -- the industry standard in performance, mobility, safety and quality of construction.

Features of our high-performance blast machines include:

  • Roll bar handles protecting operator and valve work
  • Low centre of gravity for easy movement
  • Large bore pipework for efficient airflow
  • Large access plate for easy maintenance
  • Unique pop-up valve allows operation at very low pressures when used in conjunction with a factory fitted pressure regulator
Blast Machines

Blast Cabinets

Our blast cabinets are ideal for the preparation of your metals, plastics, rubbers, glass and other materials. They are ideal for the removal of corrosion, coatings, deburring, peening, surface preparation, cosmetic surface finishing, and brazing removal.

Our blast cabinet options include:

  • Sunction Blast Cabinets
  • Pressure Blast Cabinets
  • Rotary Table with Recipricator
  • Tumble Blast Cabinets
  • Smart Cab
Blast Cabinets

Consumables and Spares

We have the largest stock of blast consumables and spares in the UK. We pride ourselves on the ability to react quickly in supplying the correct spares for your equipment. All available items are normally dispatched the same day for delivery by carrier on the next working day.

Our consumables and spares include:

  • Machine Spares
  • Blast Hoses
  • Blast Nozzles
  • Couplings
  • Control Lines
  • Cabinet Spares
  • Wet Blast Accessories
Consumables and Spares

Paint Spray

Our products will support your paint spraying processes. We supply both paint sprayer and spraying booths. Please visit our website for detailed product specifications on our paint spraying equipment.

Our available paint sprayers include:

  • MBP Airless Spray Painting Unit (HD Series)
  • GRACO Airless Paint Pump
  • Conventional Painting Sprayers
  • Internal Pipe Paint Coating
Paint Spray

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have an extensive supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment may be the most important parts of any blast system. This equipment will keep you safe, secure and comfortable during any hazardous process.

Our selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) includes

  • Helmets/Masks/Hoods
  • Ear Protection
  • Breathing Air Supplies
  • Suits
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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