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At Hodgson & Hodgson, we specialise in manufacturing RUDUC acoustic flooring products together with an impressive selection of ancillaries. Our fully-qualified acoustic engineers research and develop our acoustic flooring to meet the requirements within Building Regulations and building standards.  Please see our full range of acoustic flooring products and services. Our highly qualified and experienced building and acoustic engineers will discuss all aspects of building design and acoustic flooring installation to ensure you get the best performance.

Acoustic Wall Treatments

We pride ourselves in providing acoustic wall treatments to achieve good sound insulation and promote a sense well-being for the people who live, work or occupy a premise. Our acoustic wall treatment has been designed to reduce reverberation time and noise levels. Our acoustic wall treatments are available in a variety of colours and are ideal for use in schools and theatres. We also provide acoustic panel systems and absorbers in a selection of finishes to suit any application.

Acoustic Ceilings

We provide acoustic ceilings to improve speech intelligibility in classrooms, give privacy in offices and enhance the sound quality in recording studios, theatres and music practice rooms. Our acoustic ceilings are produced to complement and enhance a building’s interior with a wide choice of colours and lines available.

Acoustic Doors

We have developed a range of acoustic doors suitable for studios, medical establishments, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, sports halls, libraries and hotels. Our acoustic doors are designed for interior and exterior use, and are manufactured to suit your individual specifications. Our doors are provided as manual or automatic doors, with either clear or frosted glass panels.

Audiology and Medical Rooms

We design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of comfortable diagnostic, consulting, audiology and medical rooms. We supply new, high specification audiology and medical rooms, as well as upgrade existing rooms. All rooms meet relevant Building Regulations and design and build criteria laid down by the National Health Service.

Recording Studios

We supply recording studios and music practice rooms designed and built to provide a total acoustic solution. We manufacture the rooms using single or double wall construction to maintain sound insulation. Our recording studios meet acoustic performance criteria and provide cost-effective solutions to environmental requirements.  

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