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Hodgson & Hodgson Consultancy Division

Hodgson & Hodgson Acoustic Consultancy Division started life in 1982 as Acoustic Design Ltd and has since become a leading consulting practice in the fields of architectural acoustics and noise and vibration control. In 1998, the company became a member of the Hodgson & Hodgson Group This change has resulted in rapid growth and increased geographical coverage through the opening of regional offices in the West of London, the Midlands, the North West and Glasgow.

Over the years the company has earned an enviable reputation and a strong client list, its success a testament to the professionalism of its employees. The Company's Acoustic Consultants are members of the Institute of Acoustics, they are highly qualified with many years experience across the building, environmental and industrial markets.

The demand for expertise in acoustics, noise and vibration control is increasing rapidly due to a growth in awareness and legislation. H&H Acoustic Consultancy Division focuses on the Client's needs and provides a professional and efficient service to all.

The H&H Acoustic Consultancy Division is a member of the Association of Noise Consultants.

Hodgson & Hodgson Consultancy Division

Architectural/Building Noise and Vibration Services

H&H Acoustic Consultancy Division offers an extensive range of services in relation to the assessment, measurement, prediction and analysis of noise and vibration within the building and architectural acoustics sector. Expertise covers the full range of building types and projects and the Company endeavours to provide clients with relevant, high quality, cost-effective advice.

  • Building Regulation Part E assessments for housing (England and Wales). H&H Acoustic Consultants Division is an ANC Registered testing body for pre-completion sound insulation tests. For further information please visit our Part E Testing page.  
  •  Sound Insulation Testing, in accordance with the Building Standards Section 5 (Scotland).  
  •  School design and assessment to BB93.  
  •  Acoustics in Hospitals & Healthcare Spaces (HTM 08:01).  
  •  Internal building/ room acoustics including speech intelligibility and reverberation time.  
Architectural/Building Noise and Vibration Services

Environmental Noise and Vibration Services

With increasing pressure to develop brownfield and urban sites, noise is commonly an important factor in many planning applications. An increasing number of local planning authorities are requiring noise surveys and assessments in support of planning applications for proposed residential development in urban areas, typically affected by transport, industrial and entertainment noise.

  • Environmental impact assessments and statements.
  • PPG24 assessments conducted at the planning stage to assess the overall suitability of a site for residential development.
  • IPPC noise monitoring & assessments.
  • BS 4142 assessments, to determine the likelihood of complaints due to industrial noise source.
  • BS 5228 assessments, to predict demolition and construction noise around a site.
  • Investigation of noise complaints and the specification of remedial measures.
  • Expert witness services in cases involving noise and vibration.
Environmental Noise and Vibration Services

Industrial Noise and Vibration Services

H&H Acoustic Consultancy Division offers an extensive range of services in relation to the assessment, measurement, prediction and analysis of noise and vibration within the industrial acoustics sector. The Division is able to carry out industrial and workplace noise surveys and provide practical solutions and advice to ensure the health and safety of all employees. 

  • Workplace noise and vibration assessments for compliance with the latest Noise at Work, Vibration at Work and Health and Safety Regulations, or as evidence for hearing damage claims. 
  • Design and specification of noise control measures. 
  • Vibration isolation of industrial machinery and plant.
  • Audiometry.
Industrial Noise and Vibration Services

Pre-Completion Sound Insulation Testing...

The current edition of Building Regulations Part E came into force on 1 July 2003 and introduced pre-completion testing (PCT) for sound insulation as a means of demonstrating compliance for all residential developments.

The new regulations state that pre-completion sound insulation tests should be carried out by independently accredited organisations. H&H Acoustic Consultancy Division is approved under the ANC Registration scheme for carrying out such tests. The ANC scheme ensures sound insulation tests are carried out by suitably qualified and experienced staff, in accordance with the appropriate standards, are properly traceable and audited and include a fully documented report and certificate which will be easily recognised for approval by building control.

Pre-Completion Sound Insulation Testing...

Our Acoustic Consultants...

Acoustic consultants (also known as acousticians or acoustic engineers) are specialists in the science of sound. They manage, regulate and control the noises and vibrations that surround us in the workplace, the home and the environment.

Hodgson & Hodgson Acoustic Consultancy Division operates from five locations throughout the UK employing 10 acoustic consultants and support staff. The team has expertise in wide ranging aspects of acoustic consultancy including planning applications, building and architectural acoustics, BB93 acoustic assessments for schools, pre-completion sound insulation testing, acoustic assessment and mitigation of noise from public entertainment venues, assessment and control of industrial noise, assessment of occupational noise exposure, construction site noise and vibration, transportation noise assessments, IPPC assessments, environmental noise assessments and assessment and control of mechanical services noise.

Our Acoustic Consultants...

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