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Our industrial panel PC range includes the flexx-IPC S, a system perfect for industrial panel PC for restricted installation space and for small to medium applications.

The flexx-IPC M system is a medium sized industrial panel PC system suited for numerous industrial applications and machines.

Flexx-IPC L is a large sized industrial panel PC system also ideal for a variety of industrial applications and machines.

Panel PC

When it comes to panel PCs, control units, input devices, and membrane keyboards, we are the market leader in customer specific input systems in Europe, and have delivered exceptional electronic products for over 35 years.

We have built our solid reputation on sound engineering, innovation and technical expertise in a manner unmatched by our competitors and valued by clients all over the world.

Our core competency lies in the ability to offer customers a diverse portfolio of products, ranging from the standard panel PC and membrane keyboard to individual and complete input systems including housing, electronics and software.

Our complete solutions for multilayer printed circuit boards with integrated electronics are at the global forefront of this technology. We are your partner in every step from design to production.

Membrane Potentiometer

Our flat, wear-free and hermetically sealed Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers represent the ideal functional level for both linear and rotational potentiometers and sensors. They are available in lengths from 8mm to 1000mm and in diameters up to 400mm.

Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers are favourably used in the medical and laboratory industry, as well as in aerospace, automation, consumer electronics, and machine building sectors.

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Flexx-IPC Panel PCs

Flexx-IPCs are modular industrial PCs used to control machines and other fabrication or industrial equipment. All flexx-IPC industrial panel PCs come with integrated resistive touch screens and feature an open software architecture based on Windows CE, Windows XP or Windows 7.

They can be integrated into new or existing machines and includes the possibility to individually label each key.

Control Machines

Our SensoTouch® is a freely controllable and programmable tri-axis resistive sensor controller with a variety of different applications. SensoTouch® consists of two resistance sheets imprinted perpendicular to one another. Through use of a special resistance paste, the third dimension (Z-Level) can also be utilised.

This innovative technology is also available as a hand-operated membrane potentiometer with a digital signal activated through a slightly increased operating force.

Regarding shape, area and design, SensoTouch® offers completely new options to the product designer, as not only square, but also round, oval or even triangular input areas can be realised. This enables whole new applications not previously possible.

Touch Screens

For a long time graphic operating overlays have become a matter of course and an obvious consequence of this is to type what we want straight onto the display or screen.

Our resistive touch screens comprise of transparent, conductive, highly sensitive, and cushioned layers. Even light touching the screen surface triggers the operating function. A small controller unit monitors the touch screen and then relays the key actuation.

Our standard touch screens can be delivered in a variety of functional designs with options for a separate or integrated keyboard with complete electronics.

Our unique touch screen technology means we can actually offer touch screens in any form or design be it round, oval or triangular, there are no design limits.

Hoffmann and Krippner UK

Hoffmann and Krippner's base of operations are in Germany but we have offices around the world and in the United States. We have an employee force of over 200 and develop and produce innovative input solutions for customers in the most diverse sectors, ranging from the electronics industry, medical technology, engineering, and aviation to military technology.

We are a medium sized and family owned company, producing exclusively in Germany. We combine innovative product development with extensive know-how in order to allow us to develop and produce comprehensive input device systems, including housing, electronics and software for a wide range of clients.

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