Hoffmann Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH


HOFFMANN system solutions for filtering and recooling of cooling lubricants

Our conveyor, filter and cooling systems are found almost everywhere on the globe. Always when cooling lubricants come into use for the production of gear wheels, compressors, camshafts, crankshafts, turbine blades and many more industrial applications, the name HOFFMANN is not far. We support global corporations as well as ambitious medium-sized companies or exciting industrial start-ups. They have in common a high demand for quality, delivery dependability and precision. Our engineers attach greatest importance to reliability and raise the bar still a bit higher day by day. The results are customized state of the art quality solutions, which have made us to the first point of contact in the area of filtering and cooling of cooling lubricants for many years.

Our product portfolio: belt filters, chip conveyors, coolant purifying equipment, cooling lubricant cleaning parts, emulsion coolers, emulsion filters, filtering installations, filter systems for cooling lubricants, filter tapes, laser cooling plants, magnetic separators, oil-mist separators, oil recooling units for machine tools, precoat filters, pressure filters, recooling plants, scraper conveyors, vacuum filters, water recoolers.

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