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Hollinbrow Ltd are a stainless steel foil supplier and manufacturer. Sizes begin as thin as 0.010mm and we can tailor the product to the exact specifications of the customer. As a stainless steel foil supplier, we also supply a range of stock grades including half hard stainless steel foil and hard stainless steel foil. Sheets of stainless steel foil are supplied starting in rolls from 1m in length.

Customers are welcome to contact Hollinbrow to discuss any particular requirements.

Aluminium Wire

Hollinbrow Ltd manufacture and distribute aluminium wire. An extensive range of aluminium wire options are available.

Aluminium wire can be tailored to the exact needs of the customer and is available in wholesale quantity. We can temper the aluminium wire to specific requirements and many diameters are available. There is a choice of spools as well, including wooden drums, plastic drums or steel formers.  

Stainless Steel Shim

Hollinbrow Ltd manufacture stainless steel shim as well as laser cut shim parts. Stainless steel shim is available in flat sheets or strips in any width or particular specification.

Products include:

  • Temper rolled stainless steel - excellent corrosion resistance, cold rolled for high tensile strength
  • Hardened and tempered high carbon steel - perfect for feeler gauge stock
  • Hardened and tempered tool steel - extremely resistant, standard carbon steel magnetic alloy
  • Hardened and tempered stainless tool steel - high corrosion resistance in areas of high moisture
  • Temper rolled brass - standard non-magnetic temper rolled brass

There are many differing specifications of each stainless steel shim product available and the staff at Hollinbrow are happy to talk customers through any specific needs.

Laser Cut Shim

We offer range of laser cut shims for next day delivery Give us a call and we will talk you through how we can offer your desired shim requirement.

We can provide laser cut shims in:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper

Aluminium Foil Manufacturers

Hollinbrow Ltd are aluminium foil manufacturers and supply exceptional quality aluminium foil and coils to the industry.

Stock is available in parent coils 1250mm wide. Standard gauges of aluminium foil are available in wholesale quantities and customers are welcome to request any hardness.

For a service from the most trusted and professional aluminium foil manufacturers, contact us now.

Nickel Alloy Foil

Hollinbrow Precision Products manufacture and supply nickel alloy foil precisely customised to fit any needs you may have. There is a comprehensive variety of nickel alloy foil available in wholesale quantities starting from five kilos and from 0.015mm thickness.

Nickel alloys are also available in ribbons and foils. A choice of edges are available including slit, round, square and deburred. A range of packaging is available including ribbon wound coils, oscillate wound coils and spools. Smaller amounts are available dependant on width and gauge needs.

Anodised Aluminium Coil

Hollinbrow Ltd manufacture anodised aluminium coil and supply nationwide and overseas. Our anodised aluminium coil is available for distribution in foil and strip. Strip widths range between 10mm to 800mm and any standard of hardness is available. Standard gauges of anodised aluminium coil are available at short notice to supply in wholesale quantities.

We produce anodised aluminium wire and are the only suppliers in Europe. Flat, square or round aluminium wires can be supplied. Continuous anodised aluminium wire is available in sizes between 0.050mm to 3.25mm on spools. Anodised aluminium strip and ribbon can be coated to requirements and in colours including red, blue, green, violet and many more.

Copper and Brass Foil

Hollinbrow Ltd produce and supply a comprehensive range of copper and brass foil. Attention to precise specifications and tolerances ensures the best quality products. Highly versatile production facilities enable products such as our copper and brass foil to be customised to exact needs.

Cold rolled copper foil is available in thicknesses ranging between 0.005mm to 1mm and widths between 1.0mm to 230mm. Cold rolled brass foil is available in thicknesses ranging between 0.005mm to 1mm and widths between 1.0mm to 230mm.

Stainless Steel Wire

Hollinbrow Ltd are industry leading stainless steel wire manufacturers and distributors in the United Kingdom and overseas.

We produce:

  • Round stainless steel wire in sizes between 0.10mm and 5.00mm
  • Square stainless steel wire in sizes between 0.18mm x 0.18mm and 3.00 x 3.00mm
  • Flat stainless steel wire in thickness of 0.06mm and 1.5mm and width of 0.25mm and 6.5mm
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