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Holme Dodsworth Metals Ltd is one of the largest stockholders of non-ferrous and stainless alloys in the UK. Established in 1879 the family owned business has been operating for over 100 years and is extremely proud of the level of service it has been able to maintain throughout this time.

With an unrivalled stock range of aluminium, copper, brass, copper nickel, phosphor bronze, aluminium bronze, stainless steel, nickel, and cast irons together with carbon and alloy steels Holme Dodsworth are a true multi-metal stockholder.

Specialising in stocking both commercial and high performance alloys, Holme Dodsworth supply materials into every industry sector from electrical and chemical to offshore and automotive. With materials offering excellent strength levels, high conductivities, excellent corrosion resistance, low magnetism, lightweight or free machining properties there is a grade for any application.

Holme Dodsworth offer a comprehensive range of sizes and forms including diameter, square, flat, section, plate, sheet, shim and tube. All stock material is offered for immediate delivery worldwide, with agencies in place with top European manufacturers to enable us to offer other materials competitively on short lead times.

Brief Alloy Range Descriptions:

Aluminium alloys are the most widely used of the non-ferrous metals, offering low density, good strength levels, excellent general corrosion resistance, high conductivities and good elasticity. Another attractive property of aluminium alloys are their ability to be recycled making it very cost effective for many components. Their high strength to weight ratio mean they are critical for weight sensitive industries such as aerospace and automotive.

Stock range includes: 1050 / S1B, 1200  / S1C, 2011 / FC1, 2014A / H15, 5083 / N8, 5251 / N4, 6063 / H9, 6082 / H30, 6262, 7020 / H17, MPC50.

Aluminium Bronzes recognised for their strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, non-sparking properties and other qualities such as a resistance to shock loading, a retention of properties at cryogenic temperatures and high wear and abrasion resistance.

Stock range includes: CA104 / BSB23 / DTD197A, DSTAN 02-833 / NES 833, CW307G / C63200 / CuAl10Ni5Fe4 / C63000 / AMS4640, C62400, NFL 14-705, DSTAN 02-834; NES834, CA107, C64200, CW301G, AMS4631, AB1, AB2, C965800.

Brasses are basically alloys of Copper and Zinc to which additions of other elements can be added to enhance machinability, corrosion resistance, strength etc. Also utilised for their aesthetic appeal, joining, maleability, polishing and coating characteristic brasses are a universal cost effective material

Stock range includes: CZ101 / CW501L, CZ106 / CW505L, CZ108 / CW508L, CZ109 / CW509L CZ112 / CW712R, CZ114 / CW721R, CZ115 / CW722R, CZ120 / CW608N, CZ121 / CW614N, CZ122 / CW617N, CZ126 / CW707R, CZ129 / CW611N, CZ131 / CW606N, CZ132 / CW602N,

Phosphor Bronzes, Leaded Gunmetals and the Leaded Bronzes are generally alloys of copper and tin with other additions (notably lead, nickel and phosphorus to improve their wear resistance, corrosion resistance, machinability / lubricity and the strength levels of the alloys.

 Stock range includes: PB102 / C51000 / CuSn5 / CW451K, PB104 / C52100 / CuSn8 / CW453K, LG1 / CC490, LG2 / CC491, PB1 / CC481K, SAE660 / CW497K

Coppers of 99.5% purity or greater are primarily used for their high electrical and thermal conductivity values but also offer good corrosion resistance. The conductivity values generally increase as the purity level increases with the C110 oxygen free electronic grade being the ultimate grade available. However, silver bearing coppers offer a resistance to softening combined with maximum conductivity values, while sulphur and tellurium can be added to improve machinability.

Stock range includes: C101 / Cu-ETP / CW004A, C106 / Cu DHP / CW0024A, C103 / Cu-OF / CW008A / BS1433, C110 / Cu-OFE / CW009A / BS3839, C109 / CW118C / CuTe / C14500, C111 / C14700 / CW114C / CuSP, CW011A, Cu-Ag-2, CW012A, CW013A, IEC 60356, JIS C 2801.

Copper Nickel or cupronickels offer excellent corrosion and erosion resistance in offshore and marine environments and dependent on the nickel content the grade can offer a good formability and high ductility, or a high strength and modulus for more demanding applications. The copper nickel alloys also offer a very high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and a retention of mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures.

Stock range includes: CN102 / C70600 / CuNi10Fe1Mn / CW352H, CN107 / C71500 / NES 780 / CW354H, DIN 2.1504 / DTD900/4805, NES 835 / DSTAN 02-835.

Other copper alloys available:

Copper Chromium Zirconium was developed to give a combination of high strength, very good thermal and electrical conductivities with a retention of mechanical properties up to 525¿C. Specifications include CC102 / BS4577 A/2/2 CW106C

Copper nickel silicon alloys such as CuNi2Si / C64700 or CuNi3Si CW112C offer a fantastic combination of physical and mechanical properties for high performance engineering. The excellent balance of very high strength, excellent wear resistance and very good electrical and thermal conductivities. These attributes combined with an ease of machinability make a cost effective and superior alternative to many other copper based materials.

Beryllium Copper is capable of attaining the highest strength and hardness of any commercially available copper based grade. The most common grade is the 2% beryllium containing copper alloy C17200 / CB101 / CuBe2 that can be supplied in various heat treated conditions

Stainless Steels including the austenitic, martensitic, heat resisting, duplex and superduplex grades. Between them they offer a variety of properties for demanding engineering applications including offshore, chemical processing and aerospace. With a massive range of sizes and forms we can offer a unique service to both specialised industries and general engineering companies. The Superduplex materials are designed primarily for a combination of corrosion resistance and high strength and toughness. With a composition formulated to guarantee a PREN of greater than 40.0.

S31803 / F51, S32550 / F61, S32750 / F53, S32760 / F55, Grade 303 / 1.4305, Grade 304 / 1.4301, Grade 316 /  1.401, 321 / 1.4541, 410 / 1.4006, 416 / 1.4005, 431 / 1.4057, 17-4 PH / S17400 / Type 630 / 1.4542,

Other commercial stock grades available include:

Continuously cast iron in Grades 250, 350, and 400 offer a variety of properties between them including high strength, very good wear resistance, good noise and damping attributes and a reasonable machining charachteristics.

Stock range includes: EN1561 GJL-250 / GG25 / Grade 250, EN1561 GJL-350 / GG35 / Grade 350, EN1561 GJL-400-15 / GG40 / Grade 400

Carbon & Alloy Steel, Tool Steels, Key Steel and Ground Flat Stock (inc Oil and Gas Grades). Zinc Sheets and Tin Plate

Other Alloys available on request:

Nickel Superalloys have a vast range of applications and advantages from excellent corrosion resistance in alloys such as C276 or Alloy 625 to the high temperature resistance and strength levels of Alloy 600 and Alloy 718, Alloy K500. The combination of properties offered by the nickel alloys find their use in chemical processing, furnace equipment, aerospace, offshore oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

Available Specifications: Alloy 400 / N04400 / NA13, Alloy 600 / N06600 / NA14, Alloy 625 / N06625 / NA21, Alloy 718 / N07718 / AMS 5662 / 5663 / 5664 / 2.4668, Alloy 825 / N08825 / NA16, Alloy K500 / N05500 / NA18,  Alloy C-276  / N10276 and Alloy 80A / NA20 / BS 2HR1

Grade 5 Titanium 6AL-4V is the most popular and versatile of the titanium grades and is available on request in many forms including diameter, plate and forgings. With good supply links we can offer the grade 5 and other titanium grades to service our customer requirements. These alloys offer a lightweight, very high strength and corrosion resistant option ideal for applications in the aerospace, marine, offshore oil & gas and motorsport industries.

Available specifications: AMS4928 / Ti-6Al-4V / ASTM B348 / Grade 5 / R56400 / BS2TA11, Grade 2

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