Honeyglen Anodising Ltd


Honeyglen Anodising Ltd



Extrusions are delivered to Honeyglen direct from the supplier, where they are checked on receipt - for quality and suitability on behalf of the customer.

The customer issues a fabrication/finishing order, to cover all or part of the stock. The product is then finished as per their instructions, and later dispatched ready for either assembly or further operations.

Honeyglen help throughout to minimise the need for additional handling.

All material is checked in, to ensure its suitability for the finished product - an additional customer service provided as standard.

At every stage of the production process, quality is monitored. All handling is conducted with care in mind, every member of the team understands the importance of quality standards, ensuring that they are fulfilled throughout.

Prior to being released to the customer, every single item is checked as to its quality and conformity, packed so as to avoid damage in transit, and labelled according to the customers needs.

On site fabrication facilities:

  • Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Bending
  • Notching


All operations are conducted to accurate tolerances. We manufacture our own jigs to suit the needs of any and all of our customers products.

CNC Machining working on lengths up to 2 metres.


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