Höntzsch GmbH


Since our founding in 1966, flow rate measurement technology has been our core business. Since 1976, Höntzsch has been developing, producing and selling products in the field of current and flow rate measurement technology as the innovative trend-setter in the field; since 2012 the company has been part of the DMT GmbH & Co. KG company group based in Essen.

Höntzsch provides solutions for special fields of application such as areas at risk of explosions as classified by ATEX, for gases with operating temperatures up to 550 °C and officially controlled measurements in accordance with TA Luft parameters 13 and 17 of the Federal Emissions Protection Regulation, flow speeds of up to 200 m/s or flows with alternating directions of flow. Our DakkS-accredited calibration laboratory puts the finishing touches to our package.

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