Horizon Imaging


Horizon Imaging specialises in aerial and architectural photography, using unmanned aerial platforms and telescopic masts to provide unique perspectives on your projects for marketing, inspection, surveying and documentation purposes. 

Operating since 2007, Horizon Imaging's services include: 

- 0 - 400 ft aerial photography using radio-controlled unmanned helicopters 
- 0 - 50 ft aerial photography using a mobile telescopic mast and radio-controlled camera gimbal 
- Ground-based architecture and corporate photography 

Horizon Imaging is an approved CAA operator, and all our activities are covered by £10M of Public Liability Insurance.

Aerial Photography (Helicopter)

Horizon Imaging's unmanned helicopter platforms offer unparalled flexibility in photographing large developments and estates from up to 400ft above the ground, and a live video feed to a screen on the ground allows the client to see exactly what the camera is seeing in real time.

Horizon Imaging is fully licenced by the CAA to undertake commercial aerial photography work. Without a CAA 'Permission', it is against the law to commercially undertake aerial photography work using unmanned aircraft.

Aerial Photography (Helicopter)

Aerial Photography (Mast)

Often you do not need to go up very high to give a completely different perspective. Horizon Imaging's telescopic mast extends up to 50ft, and sits in its own portable 4-legged tripod. It can be erected wherever there is approximately 3x3 metres of clear space - be it in the middle of a building site, next to a road, or in the middle of a field. Ideal for use in areas where the helicopter cannot be flown. A live video feed to a screen on the ground allows the client to see exactly what the camera is seeing in real time. 

Aerial Photography (Mast)

Architectural Photography

Horizon Imaging's aerial photography services are complemented by our interior and exterior architectural photography. Add a stunning new perspective to your marketing material with artistic and yet faithfully captured photographs, showing off every aspect of your project's architecture.

Architectural Photography
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